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Today's Election '08 Religious Test

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Leviticus 26 says that the proper punishment for nonbelievers includes giving them malaria and making them eat their children.

Which of the presidential contenders will promise to sign that into federal law?

If they won't, ask them why they reject God's Word, and be sure to vote instead for someone like Mike Huckabee or Barack Obama who won't let YHWH and Jesus down.

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I think that the chapter is trying to say that God will do those things to nonbelievers, not that we're supposed to. He's actually very clear about that, since he speaks in the second person rather than the third; he doesn't issue that punishment order to anyone but instead reserves it as his earthly punishment to wayward Israelites. (Also, we notice that this punishment applies ONLY to wayward Israelites, not members of other nations.)

So there's really no new law there, since God doesn't actually issue any commandments there besides his usual ones; he just makes a case for why you should follow them.

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"God's work must surely be our own."

As YHWH punished the Sodomites, so must we, and so on.

If we're going to be a proper Judeo-Christian nation, our laws must honor the Lord's intent, no? What's right is right. And if what's right is for heathens to be forced to eat their own children, then by gum that's what our government must insist on.

I know this because the Lord revealed it to me in between phone calls to Huckabee.