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Today was National Blog In Favor Of Killing Children Day and I almost missed it!

funny pictures of cats with captions

Please do [DCOW] consider this post a rude gesture in your direction.

Yes, I am adamantly pro-abortion, your tax dollars should pay for it, and the rights of the already-born trump the rights of the not-yet-born. Just in case that wasn't clear.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

we need to make it unrespectable to insist on conscripted motherhood.

Submitted by hipparchia on

it is conscripted motherhood, they are insisting on it, and all concerns about democracy and 'hearing all sides of a debate' aside, we do need to make it unrespectable to insist on conscripted motherhood.

thanks, dcb.

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Submitted by madamab on

That photo is priceless.

Absolutely, we should make the anti-choice extremists explain WHY our tax dollars shouldn't pay for abortion. It is a legal medical procedure. Why does the federal government, or the state government, have the right to restrict it further than Roe v. Wade does?

What can they say? There is no legal justification for the restriction of government abortion funding. The Hyde Amendment is not, in fact, legally binding. If anyone challenged it in the Supreme Court, it would be struck down.

We need to go back to playing offense instead of defense!

Speaking of Hyde, I am cooking up something really fun for next week. Stay tuned!

Submitted by hipparchia on

i do love that photo, both with and without the caption.

looking forward to whatever it is you're cooking up!

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Submitted by cwaltz on

No human being should be FORCED to give up the vital nutrients in their body and risk their life without it being of their own volition.

Submitted by hipparchia on

crappy social safety net, dysfunctional foster care system, deadly health care system, sorry jobs outlook, flat income for the last 30 years, highest incarceration rate in the world, among the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the industrialized world, failing school systems...

these people are advocating for maternal slavery and child endangerment. not that any of them are ever likely to open their eyes [and brains] and see that.