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Today in Tasini

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Remember Tasini for Senate

Tasini, president of the Labor Research Association and former president of the National Writers Union, stands clearly for progressive principles. His Web site - - outlines his long-standing commitment to equal rights for all, single-payer health care and against funding ongoing foreign occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. His issues section is far more thoughtful, forthright and well-written than the cautious, hesitant statements on the Web site of our current junior Senator.

U.S. Senate candidate Tasini woos Tompkins Democrats

Fair wages for all workers was at the top of his agenda, as he advocated for immediately raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour, then steadily to $15-20 an hour.

Tasini said he is writing a book called "The Audacity of Greed" that outlines the origins of the modern recession, blaming a system that has allowed wages to become stagnant despite increased productivity.

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I hope he's for real. One of the greatest costs of the Obama presidency is the damage the gap between words and reality does to the credibility of everyone whose words are very progressive. Still, so far, I haven't heard of any counter-threads to Tasini's main narrative, so I'm encouraged by his appearance and persistence.