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TN-Sen: Hey, We Got Us a Candidate!

I have been raising hell for almost a year now that we didn't have a candidate in the pipeline to go up agaist the Great Nothingness, Lamar Alexander. It won't be quite as satisfying as putting a "D" on the seat formerly occupied by Bill "KatKillah!" Frist, (grrr, Harold Ford) but I'll take Lamar!'s as a consolation prize:

My Fellow Democrats,

After several months of talking to fellow Tennesseans about the presidential race, I know this will be a democratic year. I was reminded several times about the U.S. Senate race after several colleagues asked if I would consider running. After deep consideration and talking with my family, my political mentor Bob Clement, as well as his long time friend and chief of staff Larry Woods; I have decided to enter the race. These friends are confident that I should run, and believe we have the ability to win this race.

After spending a year in the Mayoral race in Nashville with Bob and others they feel the name recognition is still fresh in Nashville and that we will carry Nashville. With your help we will also carry the rest of TN.

I will be The Democratic Tennessean U. S. Senate Candidate.

Tennessee, We Can Do Better !

I ask my fellow Democrats to join me in putting our voice in office for the State of Tennessee.
with your help we will set up a team in each County that will deal directly with our organizers to schedule a town meeting in your county.
If you are willing or know someone that is willing join our team please contact us.

Our web site is in the process of being designed. Large signs, yard signs as well as buttons and stickers have been designed and are ready for ordering. We need your help to get this campaign off the ground and running. Contributions of ANY amount are welcomed, and appreciated.

Kenneth Eaton is a 50 year old Tennessee Native. He is the CEO of Southeast Investments,and the CEO of Eaton Automotive Group. A Nashville businessman for over 30 years with over 6 million dollars in real estate investments; Mr Eaton knows Tennessee. He has been married to Toni Eaton for 32 years, with two children. Mr Eaton was raised Baptist, and knows the importantance of Family values.

We thank you for your time, and look forward to meeting with you soon!

Our contact information
Candidate Kenneth Eaton
Appointment Organizer John Eaton
Finance Director David Bennett 615-255-0121

Campaign Headquaters: Kenneth Eaton U.S. Senate
200 Church St. Suite 300
Nashville Tn 37201
phone 615-255-0121 (new web site coming soon)

He clearly needs a better Net staff than what he's got. Not to mention a blog operator. We'll see if he gets back to me.

Just pleaze Jeebus, all the saints, and Kali on a soda cracker, let him not be handled by the Village idiots who gave us the ghastly Ford campaign. Yeah, it's late, he's probably doomed to sacrificial-lambhood, yadda yadda waddevah. We still got a campaign to run and a seat to fight for. If nothing else we force the RNC to spend some money where they thought they might luck out with a free ride. (thank you Dr. Dean.)

It's all about the downticket races for me for awhile. The HRC/BHO crapfest is stupid, tiresome and pissing everybody off and you all should stop it. Whatever happened to the attitude of just a couple months ago that "What a joy to have all these wonderful candidates and I will be perfectly happy to vote for whichever one wins?"

That was nice. I liked that. People better start to see that there are, shall we say, People Who Do Not Want Us To Win working hard to fuck us over, yes right here in River City.

Again. Just sayin'.

[Update: I xposted this over at dKos so if anybody is so inclined a short stop to hit the "Recommended Diary" button would be greatly appreciated. I hadn't posted a diary in nearly a year, don't get a chance to be first with news there very often, and figured that any chance to slide in a comment like the one about Downticket Races was worth taking. Heh. ]

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Lost this post in the sturm and drang. "The Great Nothingness, Lamar Alexander"....

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Just checking.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.