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Tits! Boobs! Jiggly Fleshy Juggs!

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Naked Breast Pics of a Properly Political Nature here.

Helen and Harry (friends of mine, via spaghetti) say it best:

A breast is a breast. Most men have two, same as most women. Many men have bigger breasts than many women. You should see my husband in a halter top.

If it's legal for men to walk around shirtless (hubba hubba) then women can do the same if they choose. And if the law says otherwise, the law is a boob.

I’ve bared my boobs for politics in the past. Ha! You know you wish you had been there; motorcycles, tape-crossed nipples, jiggling, sun-drenched naked female fleshly parts by the thousands, all of which I was a happy part.

But it’s a really simple point in the end. Naked titties kill, main, bomb, hurt and rape no one. Male or female. White or Black. Sagging or jiggling.

C’mon liberals: this is THE issue we can all defend. Even the fundies wouldn’t line up in droves to deny perky, B-cup women like me the right to jiggle fetchingly at oppressive regimes the world over. This is where being a liberal is fun, and frankly- I think we need to ahem, see more.

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