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Tipping point? Wall Streeters who backed Obama in '08 "throwing money" at Romney

Tipping point -- or insurance against a truly bat guano crazy Repub candidate?

Is Wall Street's view that Romney will be better for them than Obama? Some of the comments in the article reveal hurt fee-fees among the very rich. Dastardly of Obama to back Dood-Frank.

The Uber-Wealthy are used to being fluffed, not dissed, even in small ways. Perhaps another reason societies with great income disparites begin to spin apart?

"Everybody I speak to is on the same boat — disappointment," said the source, who contributed to Obama three years ago and is now backing Romney.

The executive said he and others on Wall Street have taken exception to Obama's rhetoric about the wealthy, especially because the president has asked rich donors to fork over $35,800 to his reelection efforts.

"It's not healthy for rich people to feel maligned," the executive said.

Whoa! "Nice little presidency you have there. Be too bad if something happens to it...."

Too bad Obama didn't govern for the good of the entire nation; he might have been invincible if he'd done just some things to help the vast numbers injured by the Big $hit Pile Meltdown. But, alas, he felt he had to protect the ruling monied class. It will serve him right if the Wall Street Gang Banksters turn on his sorry ass.

My feeling has been that when the Street money decides where to spend its money, that's who will win the presidency. The Repubs right now have two strong fundies fighting over the evangelical vote, Perry and Bachmann, both of whom speak like pretty dim bulbs when they're not on script; Santorum and Kain are scrabbling to stay in the race and perhaps get a cushy FOX news slot afterwards. Huntsman is not gaining much traction -- so far.

Romney, right now, has the "reasonable" Repubs lead. No wonder there are local rumors former R NY Gov. George Pataki might enter the race.

Romney vs. Obama? If the Big Money and the MCM work for Romney, Obama will probably be a one term prez. And given how he's thrown so much of the Dem base under the bus, it won't be easy to get the Unterbussen worked up to work for him.

I still don't know how the MCM is really going to go, but my guess is it follows the Big Money. And this Hill article may be an indication of where the Big Money is going.

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2012. Not my theory, but John Smart's Only by staying in the race can he box out any candidates inclined toward real change from running and at the same time ensure that his masters, who will just transfer their affections to whomever wins, will get what they want. I've been linking to this all over the place, in a nutshell:

I realize this is all deeply cynical. Still find a great power in history that when, at the moment it was passing its peak, did not behave this way. When they can not longer take, elites grasp, manipulate, loot what they can. They set up people to facilitate this. This ought not surprise anyone. I submit to you the possibility that Obama’s prime objective in the next act, his last, is to lose. That’s his job now. In losing he assures the seemless transfer of power to the next errand boy.

Otherwise he’d quit. Decline to run again. Collect his I’m historical cards and go home. But the Obama hologram has one more purpose; ensure no real agent of change can enter the race and win.

The corporations and other vampire squid don't really care whether he wins or not. If he wins, fine, 4 more years of a president they own. If he loses, they're betting they'll also own his competitor in any case.

The very last thing it's about is Obama calling them mean names (of which in reality, there's been precious -- no pun intended -- little of) or their hurt feelings. That's just the cover story.

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"It's not healthy for rich people to feel maligned," the executive said.

this is true, 1000x, 1,000,000x true.

of course, it's not healthy for them to be grabbing and hoarding the lion's share of wealth and income either. maybe if they were to share with the rest of us, they'd feel better.

the electoral success of a president romney might encourage some of the more moderate republicans to try taking back their party from the far-right radicals. then liberals would have a chance to take back at least the democratic wing of the democratic party.