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Times editorial board bitch-slaps Bill "Helen" Keller

In an editorial that would have been great if only it had been written two or three years ago, the Times writes of The Real Agenda of the Bush administration, and slip in the shiv oh-so-nicely:

Jane Mayer provided a close look at this effort to undermine the constitutional separation of powers in a chilling article in the July 3 issue of The New Yorker. She showed how it grew out of Vice President Dick Cheney’s long and deeply held conviction that the real lesson of Watergate and the later Iran-contra debacle was that the president needed more power and that Congress and the courts should get out of the way.

Subtext: "Hey, Bill Keller! Why is a New York weekly covering this story and you're not?"

To which Bill responds, with a weak smile, that those cocktail weenies sure are tasty...

Memo to Times personnel: All we want you to do is do your jobs and cover the story. The wingers want to kill you. What have you got, the Stockholm Syndrome? WTF?

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