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Times censors Dodd's defense of Constitution, rejection of retroactive immunity for telcos

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Gosh, how odd. Or not.

Because you'd think this story has everything: Dodd, alone among the Democrats, stands up to a Bipartisan juggernaut to grant the telcos retroactive immunity for massive lawbreaking--a story the Times itself broke--by saying he'll put a hold on the bill. Reid, the Senate [cough] leader, says he'll ignore the hold. Dodd raises the ante, says he'll [gasp] filibuster. Biden joins in. Hillary and Obama waver on the sidelines.

We've got the Jimmy Stewart figure, standing alone against great odds. We've got dissension in the Democratic caucus. We've got craven politicians. We've got bags of corporate cash.

In short, we've got a rich, compelling narrative, filled with drama, human failings, and high principle.

And if all that's not enough, Dodd's from the Time's circulation catchment: Connecticut. What, the locals aren't interested in their Senator?

So, you'd think the Times would be all over this; or at least give it a paragraph in the Week in Review.

But n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! I wonder why not?

Could it be the subject matter?

Could it be that the Bill "Helen" Keller's newsroom just doesn't care about Constitutional government?

Or perhaps doesn't even understand it?

NOTE The Week in Review does, however, find space (2/15 of the page) for the distant genetic relationship between Shooter and Obama. Sigh.

You can reach the Times Public editor here.

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Or maybe the Telecorleones are big advertisers in the NYT? Or maybe, since it was the NYT which (belatedly) reported the story, any trial might air some facts which the NYT might want to keep buried?

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I did Google, and did search the Times site itself (whose search engine is notoriously bad), so I guess missed that one paragraph.

50 lashes with a wet noodle for lambert...

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Follow the money: The NY Times Company has varied financial interest, including several newspapers, a NY Radio Station, and a sports cable network in New England.

It's the classic case of self interest.

This is why we need to fight media consolidation and we need more independent voices.

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My email,Sir,
Are you so completely in the thrall of this administration that you forgot that this is America, that not reporting on Senator Dodd's hold on the FISA bill , and the reason for that hold, the fact that it is an abrogation or our rights according to the fourth amendment of the constitution of the United States of America, just a piece of paper, the authors of which risked their lives to write. What world would you rather live in, one of ideas and freedom, the enriching of our country? or, would you rather live in a world where all are subjected to fear and aggression. You have a chance to be truly great paper but if you choose to subvert what is so obvious then you are no better than those who steal our wealth, health and freedom.

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Thanks for the well written email, I used it as my email to the times also.

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the fcc is already planning--AGAIN--to loosen the regs governing how many tv/radio/newspaper may be owned by the same corporate interest...of course, they're ALL the same...different names make no difference in the agendas...

this new FuCCer Kevin Martin is surely no better than Michael Powell was, and Powell was (and surely still is, whether in Govt or not) a reeking sack of runny shit.

From TODAY's Democracy Now:

The Chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Kevin Martin, is proposing to do away with media ownership rules that bar companies from owning both a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same city. Martin's push to rewrite existing rules were revealed by North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan during a Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday. If approved the new rules could take effect as early as this December. But Senator Dorgan vowed to put up a fight and said, "If the chairman intends to do something by the end of the year, then there will be a firestorm of protest and I'm going to be carrying the wood."

Martin has backed a series of studies criticized for an alleged bias towards media consolidation. In 2003, Martin voted with the then-FCC chairman to lift the same media ownership rules, but the effort was overturned by the landmark Prometheus v. FCC decision. The FCC was ordered to justify the changes and their impact on diversity and localism.

I'd guess, from the fact that the fascist pigs are going back to the trough again, they've got Prometheus by the liver.

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