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The Times Bill Keller on Assange and Wikileaks

Keller is the NYT's Executive Editor and a neocon. Here he illustrates why the Gray Lady's brand of journalism sucks in both form and content. I put this up as a quick hit because to be honest I didn't make it through the first page. There are nine. It is all so contrived. Here I'll imitate Bob Woodward breathlessness and Watergate-ishness. There I'll evoke Assange's undependability and shiftiness. Over there I'll remind you again how we are the REAL journalists even though we somehow turned Assange and not the leaks into the STORY.

The main thing here is read as much of this bilge as you can stomach. The take home is that it is a wonderful illustration of why the journalistic enterprise is dead in the MSM. I wonder if Glenn Greenwald will write on this?


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Those were the two words running through my mind as I read Keller's attempts to take down Assange for not being "professional" (Oh no! He skips like Peter Pan!) and for being too "credulous".

Not to mention that Keller himself, as columnist in the ramp up to Iraq, was a pro-war cheerleader. Oh, but I guess he was a professional, so he can't possibly be "credulous", can he?

Fortunately, lots of the NYT readers are hip to this bilge. Check out the "Reader Recommended" comments online.