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immigration issues

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Mayor Bowser's police power grab

Black Lives Matter organizers rallying D.C. to speak out against mayor’s proposed police agenda

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) will hold a press conference Thursday morning to outline her new agenda to reduce crime in the city — and Black Lives Matter organizers will be there to say her approach is wrong.

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The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts*

This writer may be unclear on the concept of signal to noise ratio. Just because you have more "data" doesn't mean you have more "information".

He writes:

I admit that, in addition to the possibilities for finding something interesting, there may also be the prospect of discovering suggestive but ultimately incorrect or misleading patterns[my emphasis]. But I feel this problem would surely be greatly ameliorated by more and better metadata.

And there, in fact, lies the problem. Read more about The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts*

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Disenfranchisement without evidence or due process

“All we want to do is combat voter fraud. Why can’t we ask for people to prove that they are who they say they are?” That’s the talking point we always hear to justify legislation to disenfranchise millions of Americans. And it’s an effective talking point in the political sphere, despite its inherently disingenuous nature.

I’d like to propose a counterargument: Why can’t we ask you to prove voting fraud? Why can’t you prove they’re guilty of what you say they are? Read more about Disenfranchisement without evidence or due process

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Spring Is Here

It's spring in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought we should take a break from hard science and just stop to enjoy the flowers. I saw these at one of the local gas stations today. At first, the flowers looked like azaleas to me, but when I looked at the leaves and the structure of the plants, it seemed pretty clear that they were rhododendrons. Both flowers tend to be among the first perennials to bloom here. So we'll call them rhodies, though opposing viewpoints are welcome.

More importantly, they're magenta:

no flowers to see here

Why Mass Citizen Indifference to the US Police State Monster?

James Petras and Robin Eastman Abaya in “The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition” take on the tragic phenomenon of our ever-expanding police state first under Bush and now Obama, along with why so many Americans have remained, especially under Obama, so very passive about the ominous threat to all of us and/or our progeny. Read more about Why Mass Citizen Indifference to the US Police State Monster?

Should Immigrant Youth Trust Obama?


David Brown and Patrick Martin of wsws don’t think so, either. In their article, “Obama’s Cynical Gesture to Immigrant Youth” they have put together a more comprehensive argument than my initial one, which was based on the merciless sirens of cognitive dissonance that bounce around in my skull every time Obama opens his mouth.

Not that they don’t have strong feelings also. They call this “gesture” of Obama’s “CYNICAL” and “SELF-SERVING” and a probable “TROJAN HORSE.” Read more about Should Immigrant Youth Trust Obama?

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"Do Not Kill” list petition

This is too awesome (h/t Glenn Greenwald)

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Create a Do Not Kill List

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Let's play a game

Can you spot the Correntean?

Mission partly accomplished. I tried to pass Newt the sign after his speech, and I'm pretty sure he was willing to sign it (to his credit!)

Read more about Let's play a game

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Sauron's Works


Tool of rebellion: tool of repression?

If you have to ask..... Read more about Sauron's Works

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How to Destroy the Democratic Party ...


... and build a viable independent alternative. Over the past few months, I’ve put out various comments stressing the critical need for organization, that the growing cries for action post Egypt/Wisconsin (we must take to the streets, general strike!, vote them out) remain at a level of abstraction, or calls to individuals, calls for morality, calls for courage. Read more about How to Destroy the Democratic Party ...

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What Is Morality?

Note: I originally posted a version of this at, only to see it flagged as spam and my account deactivated. I guess certain persons don't like having their lack of any moral foundation challenged. Oh well. Read more about What Is Morality?


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