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Republicans vs. the Constitution

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Seattle rallies against Scott Walker

Seattle rallies (with a singalong!) against Scott Walker's speech yesterday to the right-wing Washington Policy Center.

In Seattle, the Anti-Fascist Marching Band struck up "On Wisconsin." Read below the fold...

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Unintimidated - The Movie

Unintimidated at the Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along. Read below the fold...

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Irony at #WICapitol

Got arrested today holding this sign at #WICapitol

If Freedom of Speech is Taken Away Read below the fold...

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#WICapitol Cops - So You Think You Can Prance

Capitol Cops bust a move.

Great turnout today at the ‪#‎SolidaritySingAlong‬. Screw us and we multiply! Coverage here. Read below the fold...

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Wisconsin Capitol Police escalate Sing Along arrests

The number of Sing Along participants was lowish today (averaging around 22-23 people actually participating - singing or holding signs - over the course of the hour; though the number of observers was much higher), and the police arrested most of the participants. Mass sweeps. Read below the fold...

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Singing In Detainment: Hidden Video from the Dungeons of Wisconsin

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Walker forced to back off from arresting observers of Solidarity Sing Along

In Wisconsin, the Department of Administration has now released a statement that observers of the Solidarity Sing Along will no longer be arrested or threatened with arrest. Videos of tourists being threatened with arrest, and complaints from legislators who were threatened with arrest for merely observing the Sing Along, have proven an embarrassment to Walker. Read below the fold...

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Wisconsin Solidarity Singers – numbers swell in response to arrests

Yesterday and today, Wisconsin Capitol Police conducted mass arrests of the Wisconsin Solidarity Singers.
Pics from today:

Read below the fold...

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A Modest Proposal on Voting Rights

In light of the Supreme Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act, upholding the principle that States must be treated equally under the Constitution when it comes to new voting legislation they enact, but people, in relation to their exercising their voting rights, not so much; there's a real need for proposals to make Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act operative again by re-writing Section 4. Here's a modest proposal. Read below the fold...

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About the Supreme Court

Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, et al knew that these guys were corrupt, racist, sexist ogres when they were up for confirmation. They could have organized a proper filibuster.. Bork was stopped, these ogres could have been stopped. Going back to at least as far as Bush vs Gore we knew that no member of the Federalist Society would decide according to the law, but only according to the conservative agenda. Read below the fold...

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They are crazy, OK?

Double trouble: House GOP eyes default, shutdown

The Republicans are crazy, except the ones like Eric Cantor who seek to profit from a default. And I don't think that the bankster backers will call them back, there is even a possibility that the banksters are egging them on. The banksters may see to personally profit while the government bails out their companies. Read below the fold...


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