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198 More Sundays: Sedition Must Become Our Creed

Since I've already posted about a fairly tangible resistance method and a tactic that's a bit controversial, I thought I'd go more in the direction of something that bloggers could buy into pretty easily.  First, a reminder:

Activism, by definition, cannot be done online.  At best you can be an online advocate.

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May The Sword Of The Parent Never Be Stained With The Blood Of His Children

It was not entirely unexpected that my post yesterday about State resistance to Federal power generated a bit of controversy at Great Orange Satan.  Quite frankly, it was a deliberate ploy on my part to bring up secession to spark discussion, though I admit I was a little surprised that people focused so much on minutiae related to that hook rather than my larger point. Read more about May The Sword Of The Parent Never Be Stained With The Blood Of His Children

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On Neoliberalism and False Dualities

This essay is very good and I'd encourage you to pass it around, but it likely has too many big words and doesn't have shiny flashy stuff in the sidebar, so I doubt I'll be able to get many folks to read it. Still, this part struck me especially:
Read more about On Neoliberalism and False Dualities

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Tech Receivers, Alamo Bowl Victory


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="367" caption="Alamo Bowl catch"]stolen from[/caption]

That receiver's name is Lyle Leong. He's from Abilene. He caught that ball from Tech backup qb "Sticks" Sheffield in the 2nd half of the Alamo Bowl game Saturday night. That particular receiver ordinarily serves Tech QB Taylor (Nick) Potts as a BFF the way Wes Welker does for Tom Brady, but on Saturday night Potts hurt his non-throwing hand in the 3rd quarter. That cornerback, if my copy of the MSU roster's accurate, is a redshirt freshman who stands 6-1: Mitchell White. Read more about Tech Receivers, Alamo Bowl Victory

Obama: Birth Of Hope Doll


That's the title of an entry at Collectibles Today's site. And yes, it's adorable:

The ad continues:

Price: $149.99 US s&s: $16.99 US
Available in 5 installments of $30.00 US

Those new to installments can click on a link that reads

*How do Installments work?

Which opens the following pop-up:

About Installments

Installments make shopping affordable!

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Jeebus! Finally!

Oh, good Krist, this is wonderful Combined with this, I nearly fainted today, it's so nice to see this sort of thing. Stark is showing the Way, for those truly interested in being a New Media or whatever. It's so frakking simple. Read more about Jeebus! Finally!

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On progressive leverage, and the lack thereof


My response to Natasha on why she's quite right to worry about "Conscience Clause" expansion and other slip-sliding further into a rightwing agenda:
Read more about On progressive leverage, and the lack thereof

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Blogging: Tool Against the Apocalypse or Soul-Sucking Waste of Time (Part 873)


Andrew McCarthy at Echindne has thrown in the towel.

In the comments (ironically), Andrew fleshes out his reasoning:

"My biggest objection to blogging (as usually practiced) is that the "format" doesn't really allow room for deep thinking. It puts a premium on fast response time and provocative "sound bytes".

"Star Trek" and echoes of a past marketing campaign (Spoilers ahead.)

(I'll try to place spoilers below the cut, but there will be plenty of them about the rebooted Star Trek franchise.) Read more about "Star Trek" and echoes of a past marketing campaign (Spoilers ahead.)

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After you've finished teabagging...


So, there will probably be some silly incoherent right-wing protests in the future. There is a very real danger, though, that they won't have such an LOL-worthy rallying cry as "Teabag the White House!!11". Well, we need to get out in front of this, gang. I propose that all evil ACORN infiltrators make the following sign, to be used where/whenever wingnuts and cameras come together:

After You Teabag... DVDA!

I knew I shoulda taken off work yesterday... Read more about After you've finished teabagging...

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Non-fables for our time


Much of what we do as bloggers is fact-checking and logic-checking of prevailing political narratives, many of which are absurdly and dangerously wrong... and sussing out the morals of the stories.

It's not for nothing that one of the finest bloggers runs a site variously known as "Power of Narrative" and "Once upon a time...." Read more about Non-fables for our time

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11 Dimensional Chess 101


For a good two years, now, Time Magazine has been putting out meta puff pieces on Obama on a reliable, weekly basis. The one I'm going to discuss from last weeks edition by Michael Grunwald is not much different. But, this part caught my attention: Read more about 11 Dimensional Chess 101

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Power and process


Some of you may have noticed that a certain recent thread has been embroiled in the endless discussion of the primary and the general, and 11-dimensional chess, and progressive A-list bloggers and so on and so forth. It would be pointless not to acknowledge at the outset that that isn't the initial motivation for writing this post. And some of my critics are ultimately correct in pointing out after a certain point, it's not productive. So let's abstract away from it for a moment. Read more about Power and process


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