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Iraq Clusterfuck

What more need we say? It's a Clusterfuck like everything else the malAdministration misexecutes.

Kiss Iraq Goodbye ... What We Did for Israel!

Gary Leupp has written an enlightening and enraging article entitled “Not Behind Bars, Friends Still in Power, Iraq Destroyed: The Gloating of the Neocons” underscoring how the realpolitik motivation for what he calls “the greatest crime of the twenty-first century so far”, the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, was primarily committed for the benefit of Israel. Read below the fold...

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11 years ago today Colin Powell lied to the UN and the world

Day of Shame

It has now been 11 years since Colin Powell pitched preemptive total war against Iraq based on obvious fictions... and since the American media absolutely swooned for it, condemning millions to death, dismemberment, or displacement.

Colin Powell's infamy Read below the fold...

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National Day of Shame

Day of Shame, 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, Colin Powell went to the United Nations and presented an emperor's-new-clothes argument for raining death, dismemberment, and displacement onto the people of Iraq.

Colin Powell Gets Mad at Me

Colin Powell's Tangled Web Read below the fold...

Tch Tch! Neo-Libs, -Cons, Corporate Cronies Still Can’t Conquer ‘Power/Profit Puppet Haven’ Iraq

The "War on Terror"?

Does anyone across the globe, even Americans, not know in their heart of hearts (granted as molecular as that place seems to be for most Americans) what a MURDEROUS (GENOCIDAL) SCAM FOR PROFITEERING the US-declared ‘War on Terror’ was and continues to be?

The US administration and those bipartisan marriage-made-in-hell partners of neoliberals and neocons (h/t to Obama for that bipartisanship he can believe in) are now lamely declaring victory about Iraq.

The ever-obliging, bottom-feeding media, glue to the American government’s amoral status-quo bullshitting and fascistic matrix, is sentimentalizing it. A faux-Hallmark moment defying the ever-blaring American sirens of cognitive dissonance. Read below the fold...

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Iraqis talk about what is happening in their country


Iraq Night on Freedom Plaza, Monday October 24th

Where: Freedom Plaza, 13th and Pennsylvania, NW, Washington DC
When: 7pm, Monday, October 24
What: Free dinner

A discussion of what is happening in Iraq and what the withdrawal of US troops means--led by a panel of Iraqis.
Live music by a visiting boys band of Iraqi-Americans (UNT1) !!! Read below the fold...

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Disgraced Democratic Politicians Who Have Permanently Discredited Themselves

Disgraced Democratic Politicians Who Have Permanently Discredited Themselves Because they Advocate the Dismantling of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Other Programs that Benefit 98 Percent of Their Constituents.

Part I of a Running Series: Emanuel Cleaver Edition

Why on earth should anyone in Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District who is under the age of fifty-five ever vote for this man, ever again?

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Your Democrat Party at Work

Dick Harpootlian, Chairman of the Democratic Party in South Carolina:

I just attended this meeting in Chicago for two days with every member of the Democratic National Committee and big Democrats. There wasn't any Michael Moore there, there wasn't any Paul Krugman there.

The voice of the Democratic Party is far more moderate than you give it credit for. And to pull people like Krugman out and say he is a Democrat or he's a -- somebody associated with Barack Obama or his parties is absolutely wrong.

I am a former prosecutor. I put people in the electric chair. I have a gun. I believe in capital punishment. I believe in this war on terror. And I'm a Democrat.

Gee, how could this ever backfire? Read below the fold...

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Best in Class . . . and a Blue Ribbon for Unintended Situational Irony

Seen at a local fair.
Yay! This is the best 9/11 since 9/11!
Be sure to light the candle to celebrate!
After we've all had a slice, maybe we can give a bullhorn to a Texas rooster so he can climb all over it and sing cock-a-doodle doo!
Cock-a-doodle doo!

BEST IN CLASS! Read below the fold...

A Blast from the Past

When wikileaks did its first document dump of classified material from the war in Afghanistan, we saw a number of pushback efforts. It would cost American and Afghan lives, irreparable damage was done. And then there were the convenient "discredit the messenger" charges in Sweden attacking wikileaks founder Julian Assange. None of this panned out. What the leaks did was confirm with the government's own documents what most of us already knew.

Now the second wikileaks dump, on Iraq, has come out and we are seeing new wrinkles in the pushback. Read below the fold...

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Simple Question


Given that O's SOTU will propose a vile goulash of war, neo liberal austerity, abridgements of civil rights, foot dragging on climate change, meaningless tax cuts double talk on Wall Street bonuses, vague, but increasingly apparent gestures in the direction of cutting Medicare and Social Security, etc.

Why the hell is there absolutely no organizing or even discussion of massive protests against the slide into barbarism which O is willingly and enthusiastically presiding over? Read below the fold...


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