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Public Option Redux

UPDATE: Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s “Public Option” Plan
Medicare for More

Hillary Clinton’s new proposal to expand coverage for middle-aged adults provides a glimpse at how she would make Obamacare her own.

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Doctors on the take

Find Out If Your Doctor Takes Drug Company Money
The culture of corruption goes way beyond campaign contributions. Read more about Doctors on the take

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Bait and switch: Key MNsure company pulls out

The big news today in Minnesota is the withdrawal of PreferredOne from the state ACA exchange, MNsure. Nearly six in ten patients chose it this year, presumably because it had the lowest prices nationwide. But it won't be offered on the exchange next year -- so patients will either have to do without the tax credits that made it so affordable, or switch to an insurer with a higher premium. Read more about Bait and switch: Key MNsure company pulls out

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Save the date: Healthcare-NOW!’s 10th Anniversary Strategy Conference

From Healthcare-NOW:

This year marks our 10th anniversary! Marilyn Clement founded Healthcare-NOW! in 2004 originally under the title “Campaign for a National Health Program NOW.”

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Not Another SOTU Speech

Our annual ritual is upon us: The President’s incantation of hope, recovery and promise, tinged with the need to do more will be met with applause of Congress—half of it, anyway. Television will recap in a postgame show analyzing the Republican and Democratic parties’ team scores.

How is our Union, really? Torn asunder. Going down for the third time. Circling the porcelain. Is there a post-speech Washington cocktail party discussing that? Probably not, as the Capitol does not live in the reality it creates. Read more about Not Another SOTU Speech

We can do better than Obamacare, so let's give it a shot

I'm working on some Medicare for All graphics that with your indulgence I would like to post here to solicit critiques. None of them have specific calls to action for now because I don't know where to direct people that they won't get bogged down, so I'll add those later as they become appropriate. (And I welcome any suggestions about whom to hook up with.) For now, I just want to get a sense of what works visually and textually for people who aren't me.

I'm doing this now because I think the ongoing Obamacare drama presents an opportunity to raise the visibility of single-payer and to draw new adherents to it from a variety of positions. Everybody everywhere likes them some Medicare, except the people whose profits are diminished by it. Nobody likes insurance companies, except the people whose profits depend on them. This is one of those rare moments when just about everybody is talking about health care and 90% of the people who are talking about it are saying "lord god this is fucked up."

Probably everybody who hangs out at Lambert's joint is of the opinion that we were robbed of a splendid opportunity to push for single-payer in 2009-2010. Now there's another opportunity and we'll be robbing ourselves if we don't take advantage of it.

The background photo in this flyer is off Flickr using a creative commons license. For font aficionados, the font all the way through is ITC New Baskerville Standard. I want to make graphics that are suitable both for posting online and printing as handouts/pinups. Let me know what you think.

Read more about We can do better than Obamacare, so let's give it a shot

No one's saying we won't get our hair mussed ...

As the brouhaha over Obama's slightly misleading "If you like it you can keep it" assurance developed, I kept wondering why the fallout is limited to people in the "individual market." I think every story or blog post I've read about it adds that qualifier: it's only people who bought their own, now non-compliant insurance on the "individual market" who are affected, and most of them had crappy plans anyway so what's your damage, hippie? Surely, though, many employers must have non-compliant plans. Why aren't those affected? Read more about No one's saying we won't get our hair mussed ...

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Frack "health" "insurance" again

Oh how I wish I could tell you what is in store for us adjuncts at CUNY under the so-called ACA. I'm beginning to suspect we'll be asked to shop on the exchanges, rather than belonging to one of the country's biggest groups, the City of NY plan. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

But if not: Just to add insult to injury: Read more about Frack "health" "insurance" again

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Frack "health" "insurance"

I still owe Correntians a post about the history of part-time coverage at City University, but...
Every. Single. Doctor. Bill. That. I . Have. Had. Has. Been. Denied. By. The "Insurer".

ALL OF THEM. Including the original bill by my PCP (That's not my PCP, according to "Insurer")

I could not walk.

I had to have a toenail removed, because it continually re-bled - this is routine foot care, according to my insurer.

They cut off my Physical Therapy when I was (barely) able to walk again. This, apparently, is a feature. "Functionality" yay! (Not) Read more about Frack "health" "insurance"

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ObamaCare Unaffordable and Care-Depriving: A Good Rundown

By Karen Higgins, a registered nurse, via AlterNet, a clear outline of ObamaCare's ugly innards -- shift all costs to patients ("consumers"), aggresively restrict access to health care via various "incentives" (penalties), and, as has been discussed here before, green light insurance products that are prohibitively expensive to purchase and then, prohibitively expensive to use (the ultimate Lemons). Read more about ObamaCare Unaffordable and Care-Depriving: A Good Rundown

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Hold on, hold on to what you got

CUNY adjuncts still don't know what will happen with their Health Insurance as of April 30. Probably nothing.
So much for Whatever.

(Sorry, I posted this prematurely. I was trying to write a whole history of this problem but got overwhelmed. Will update when I can, and I hope I am proved wrong in my prognostications.) Read more about Hold on, hold on to what you got

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Mental Health and the Gun Violence Debate

Putting patients on a target list will have the opposite effect of reducing mental health related gun violence. Read more about Mental Health and the Gun Violence Debate

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Some people never learn


From Big Orange: White House might use Medicare reform momentum to push further health care reform

Reform is Obama speak for privatize. How can people like Joan McCarter fail to realize this? It isn't subtle. Read more about Some people never learn


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