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Heroines and Heroes

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Julia Williams for Congress, Green independent for Michigan 12 -- Reflections

I’m very far from being okay. There is very little satisfaction in watching the collapse of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. The joys of “I told you so” are vastly over-rated.

Does anyone remember -- or want to remember -- the insane amount of energy spent for months on end for that piece of shit known as healthcare reform? Hour-by-hour, vote-by-vote, blunder-by-blunder, broken promise-by-broken promise? The desperate hope that some pathetic fragment of a public option would make it into the final bill? The obscene celebration at the signing? Read more about Julia Williams for Congress, Green independent for Michigan 12 -- Reflections

Watch Yves on BNN!


Yves's appearance on After Hours had me blowing kisses at the screen. Commentary includes Obama (shocking indifference to unemployment, for a Democrat--if you think he is a Democrat), unions (why generalize from the Teamsters to all unions, when we don't generalize from Massey to all corporations), inflation (just not an issue right now), and more. Read more about Watch Yves on BNN!

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We Need YOU!


Warren Mosler

To deploy an army of MMT proponents to respond to deficit terrorism on the web.
Go to offending articles. Neutralize flaws. Report back to home base.

An MMT heart () will be awarded for each successful strike.

In November, prizes will be awarded to those with the most MMT , including an all inclusive trip to the Center of the Universe, St. Croix, USVI. Read more about We Need YOU!

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MadamaB's Mailbox: Operation Save America!

Well, well, well. What have we here? Looks like my friends at NOW have some news.

Militant anti-abortion rights group Operation Save America is planning to terrorize abortion care providers and harass the women they serve in Charlotte, N.C., from July 17-24. Please join Charlotte NOW, Feminist Majority Foundation and supporters of women's reproductive rights by taking action NOW.

Operation Save America? Wow! That sure is a lofty goal. I wonder who these special activists could be? Read more about MadamaB's Mailbox: Operation Save America!

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Colbert and Daily Show Salute Helen Thomas

Colbert and Daily Show with a video retrospective.. bless 'em.

My fave one's not listed.. it was Helen playing her part in Stephen Colberts triumph at the 2006 Bush White House Correspondents Dinner and Fluff Fest, here: Read more about Colbert and Daily Show Salute Helen Thomas

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Thanks for the Modifier, Sister Sledgehammer

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Sports Heroes

Today's antidote to gloom:

via Language Log,

In tonight's playoff game with the San Antonio Spurs, the Phoenix Suns will wear jerseys reading "Los Suns", in protest of Arizona's recently-enacted immigration-enforcement law.

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Seed Bombs!

From Sweet Juniper, a blog that is an inspiration for everything beautiful and true about blogging, this post: Seed Bombs with the Kids of the Georgia Street Neighborhood.

Read more about Seed Bombs!

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The Heart of Marie Antoinette

Much has been written about Marie Antoinette’s head, for she lost it by guillotine during the French Revolution in 1793. But what of her heart? We know that women have been excluded from history, and that the ignorance engendered by our exclusion has profound consequences, chief among them the abject state imposed by apparent lack of tradition. This is, ultimately, one of the two major reasons women’s history is so important to the progress of women. The other reason is that what is already written is often false, the story shaped to fit the narrative of powerful men who sought to maintain that power. Not only must we write down our histories, we must also inspect what is already available and correct the record where it is wrong. Read more about The Heart of Marie Antoinette

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We are not politicians, but citizens.

When a social movement adopts the compromises of its legislators, it has forgotten its role, which is to push and challenge the politicians, not to fall in meekly behind them. The mantra "the best that we can get" is a recipe for corruption. We are not politicians, but citizens. We have no office to hold on to, only our consciences.

- Howard Zinn (1922-2010)
writing in The Progressive, May 2007 Read more about We are not politicians, but citizens.

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Report from the Field, and Lessons Learned

Report from the Field

Last night, I attended the PNHP NYC Chapter monthly forum, entitled "Where's Labor Been in the Year of Health Care Reform?" LibbyLiberal from Corrente met me there, and we both brought flyers for my Rep. Carolyn Maloney "Yes" vote protest on Saturday afternoon, which she and other Correntians will be attending.

The room was packed, and expectations were high as Bill Henning got up to speak. Read more about Report from the Field, and Lessons Learned

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Equal Pay, or Equal Wealth?

Via BDBlue, comes this unbelievable study of "the wealth gap" and women of color. We have all heard of the income gap - women make, on average, 77 cents to every man's dollar - but the wealth gap has been largely ignored. I'm so very thankful that this study has come along to shine the light on a very, very important way in which women of color are failing to gain societal equality.

First, let's explore why the Lifting As We Climb Insight Center posits that wealth is important. All bolding is mine. Read more about Equal Pay, or Equal Wealth?

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Women of the Past, Present and Future

Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history,
she learns she is worth less.
– Myra Pollack Sadker

It's Women's History Month! That means we will have even more reason to talk about women: women of the past, present and future.

The woman I'd like to talk about from my past was my mother. I lost her on March 9, 1996, but I can't help remembering her, not just because I loved her so and said farewell to her long before her time, but also because I see her in the mirror every day. (All the cliches are true.) Read more about Women of the Past, Present and Future


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