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On the IT Problem of Grexit: A Reply


I'd like to start by thanking Louis Proyect for commenting on at least part of my new e-book Austerity, Greece’s Debt Crisis and the Theft of Democracy namely the chapter entitled “The Information Technology Problem.” His opening paragraph begins by including an aside calling Professor William Mitchell's Read more about On the IT Problem of Grexit: A Reply

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First Amendment Protection Fund - WI Solidarity Sing Along

Support Citizens Standing Up for First & Fourth Amendment Rights at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

All donations are used to defray the direct legal costs of participants in the Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along (jury fees, serving subpoenas, printing transcripts, court filing fees, etc.). Read more about First Amendment Protection Fund - WI Solidarity Sing Along

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Chris Hedges on "Hope"

Another argument against GMO's


"What happened in Darveshpura has divided scientists and is exciting governments and development experts. Tests on the soil show it is particularly rich in silicon but the reason for the "super yields" is entirely down to a method of growing crops called System of Root Intensification (SRI). Read more about Another argument against GMO's

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These Folks are Soooo Clever . . .

Last week, Reps. Michael Honda, Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, Jan Schakowsky, John Conyers, Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey stalwarts of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) begged for mercy from “the Gang of Eight” in a letter.

Here's what they said and my commentary on their “loser liberalism.”

”Thank you for your work - past and present - towards solving one of the greatest policy challenges facing us today: the unsustainable path of our national debt. We appreciate the bipartisan and collaborative spirit with which you've approached your negotiations. . . .”

Thanks vanguard progressives for embracing the major premise of the austerity ideology, namely that the national debt is on an unsustainable path. I'm here to tell you that this idea is false and also terribly harmful to progressive aspirations to end economic stagnation and get everyone, who wants to be, employed at a living wage. You can't win an argument if you start by agreeing with your opponent's false premise. Read more about These Folks are Soooo Clever . . .

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Mars rover Curiosity landed safely


Cross-posted from Real Economics.

The Mars rover Curiosity landed safely on Mars early this morning. The rover weighs over one ton and is larger than a full-size American automobile (notice the two people standing at the left side of the photo, below). Congratulations are due to the people at NASA, JPL, and elsewhere who conceived, designed and executed this impressive mission. Read more about Mars rover Curiosity landed safely

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Reclaiming Detroit


With their city shrinking, many Detroiters use empty lots to grow gardens

The Greening of Detroit, one of the nonprofit groups that works with local growers, estimates there were more than 1,000 family, school and community gardens in the city in 2011.

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Occupy vs Freddie Mac


Occupy protesters engage in other ways

On Monday, an hour after Occupy D.C. organized a noisy rally on Jones’s behalf in front of Freddie Mac’s offices on Seventh Street NW, a spokesman for the government-backed mortgage giant said the company was working toward a “positive resolution” that would allow her to keep her home. Brad German, a spokesman for Freddie Mac, said that the company decided to work with Jones because of the merits of her case and that the rally had little effect on the decision.

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Occupy saves home


VICTORY: With Support of Thousands, Occupy Nashville Saves 78-Year-Old Civil Rights Activist's Home

Buoyed by overwhelming support from the community of Middle Tennessee and around the world, Occupy Nashville has saved grandmother Helen Bailey’s home from foreclosure.

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more about Occupy saves home


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