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Once again, Kristol blew persuasion

On The Daily Show, Bill Kristol pulls off a Glenn Greenwald hat trick:

1. He says "serious" or "seriously" six times in a seven-minute interview

2. He called O'Hanlon and Pollack "skeptics of the war"

3. He called General Petraeus "non-partisan." Read more about Once again, Kristol blew persuasion

An Ode to O'Riley (Yes! Really!)

From an Atrios comment thread. And just because he deserves it:

O'Reilly lately seems to be
In quite a little snit.
It kind of makes you wonder if
The dildo doesn't fit.

Or maybe his producer said
She wasn't into phone-sex,
Which brought on urgent thoughts about
Consorting with his own sex.

the really rude part is below. C'mon down....

Or maybe he received a batch
Of dry and scratchy luffas --
Though frankly I don't give a shit
What's bothering this dufus.

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Best. Caveat. Ever.


"Just consider the record of Michael Gordon -- who, I want to stress, is not personally the problem but merely the most vivid manifestation of the ills of American political journalism."

Scalia: "I don't care about holding people. I really don't" and "Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles!"

I kid you not. I know that torture-loving conservatives have a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality, but this is ridiculous. Read more about Scalia: "I don't care about holding people. I really don't" and "Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles!"

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Please Hammer, don't help us


If MC Hammer can help save our troops with his new video, "Bring Our Brothers Home," why should I quibble?

Well, because it's deeply dishonest.

Still, I agree with the chorus, which is actually pretty catchy:

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Oprah: you go to war, girl!

A clip from a clip from Bill Moyers's "Buying the War":

This moment from a pre-Iraq War "Oprah" show is found about 49 minutes into the Moyers program.

He introduces it as an episode featuring "liberal hawk Kenneth Pollack" and "the right hand man to Ahmed Challabi."

Oprah, it seems, was no more willing to listen to war critics (even extremely genial ones) than they were. Read more about Oprah: you go to war, girl!

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Imus was dead to begin with


I'm rather tardy weighing in on the Imus affair, but now that he's down I'll give him a kick or two before turning my attention elsewhere. Read more about Imus was dead to begin with

Give Us This Day Our Daily Krug

The way kids used to take turn standing on each other's shoulders so the one on top could peek through the knothole in the outfield wall and watch the ballgame, we present today's host who frees Krugman from the paywall: the admirably named Free Democracy, bringing us "Sweet Little Lies." Or more accuratly, an honest discussion of the lies, named accurately as lies, and broken down into Little and Big Lies. Read more about Give Us This Day Our Daily Krug

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Question for the Group: Intellectual Racists?

So I'm having a private discussion with some folks about public intellectuals on the Right. What is an intellectual? How are they understood by society at large, and what role should they play (if any)? The heart of the discussion: I don't think anyone who is well-educated but still racist deserves the label "intellectual." Racists can be smart, but to me, part of being an intellectual is accepting facts and analyses even when they don't fit with your social or political agendas. Read more about Question for the Group: Intellectual Racists?

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300" Uncut

Some of you, out of curiosity, sat down and suffered through Mel's "Jesus Chainsaw Massacre," and came back to report on it. I thank you for doing that so I didn't have to. I'll return the favor and tell you about the movie that is sweeping America. It's taken in $70m on opening weekend (WSJ Print ed.) and also reveals that the Right in this country is even more twisted than I had thought. Read more about 300" Uncut

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Speaking of Servicing and Pleasuring the President

I don't know why I remembered this, but I looked it up, and I was right. Anyone remember when Bush made Colin Powell do the cake walk shingle dance YMCA?

Do you remember the cutesy lyrics they made up for the occasion? Specifically, the part where Powell explained exactly why he felt compelled to debase himself in such a fashion? Listen carefully at 28 seconds. Read more about Speaking of Servicing and Pleasuring the President

Gay snowflakes

Sweet Jeebus, the Christianists are wierd. But give 'em credit: They know how to work from delusional assumptions to an utterly crazed conclusion. AP:

[The Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr.], president of the leading Southern Baptist seminary has incurred sharp attacks from both the left and right by suggesting that a biological basis for homosexuality may be proven, and that prenatal treatment to reverse gay orientation would be biblically justified.

Well, I'm glad that matter has been given prayerful consideration, and settled. Read more about Gay snowflakes

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Why we blog

Orcinus has a spine-tingling roundup of eliminationist hate speech from our moral betters.
Read more about Why we blog

Creepy authoritarians in the press

Pony Blow likes 'em Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy:

It was a rather serious White House press briefing, consumed with questions about Iraq and Iran. Press Secretary Tony Snow went so far as to say that those who are saying that the alleged evidence of Iranian weapons killing Americans is overhyped are themselves guilty of "overhyping" the Iranian crisis, for political gain.


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