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Obama's Kill List Expands to Fascistic 'Disposition Matrix'

Murder Inc. has got nothing on the West Wing.

As of the latest Obama anti-constitutional "thou SHALT kill relentlessly and mercilessly" development, I’m becoming convinced neither did Hitler’s Germany.

According to Bill Van Auken of wsws, Obama is developing a new system to codify and STREAMLINE extrajudicial assassinations. He is calling it a “Disposition Matrix.”

Did you know IBM was a serious help to Hitler’s record-keeping of his vast number of victims and prisoners during the Holocaust years? Read below the fold...

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Police Taking Sides in Greek Social Collapse as Enforcement Arm of Fascist Golden Dawn Party

Here's an article detailing how when push comes to shove, the individuals in the police state are always the last to leave the social disintegration party.

Desperate to keep the police on side, is the Greek government overlooking violent abuses? Golden Dawn is having a field day while MPs from other parties are assaulted. Read below the fold...

75% of Global Arms Sales from US -- Super-Merchant-of-Death

The exact percentage for the United States, 2011 leader in global arms sales, is 77.7%.

The runner-up global arms seller is Russia with a comparatively meager 5.6%.

In 2010 our weapons sales were valued at $21.4 billion.

In 2011 our weapons sales are valued at $66.3.

In one year, the weapons sales by the US have TRIPLED!!!!


The above statistics are from an article by Bill Van Auken of wsws. The statistics were released last week having been compiled by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Van Auken writes: Read below the fold...

Netanyahu Entraps Election-Bound Obama re War with Iran

According to Philip Giraldi, at the end of July Defense Secretary Leon Panetta traveled to Israel to get a commitment from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to attack Iran BEFORE AMERICA’S ELECTIONS. He did not get it.

Some intelligence analysts in Washington believe Netanyahu will attack Iran in October. The weather will be suitable and Obama will be “squeezed” due to the election and his need for Jewish support to support the Israelis in their attack.

Giraldi believes an equal number of analysts believe he is bluffing.

Creepy 50/50 odds. Read below the fold...

What a Vote for Obama Actually Endorses (Jonathan Turley)

The following are excerpts from an interview of constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley by John Cusack. Turley brings up some profound considerations we as voting citizens should be reckoning with. Read below the fold...

GOOGLE Censors Jill Stein Ad (DOES EVIL!)

This from the examiner:

Google says Stein used "inappropriate language" in the ad and thus nixed it for placement on Google TV. SEE VIDEO HERE

The naughty word in question is a time-honored reference to a certain kind of manure, a word used so frequently among the public it has since blended into American consciousness as one of our most natural expressions – especially during the political season.

Read below the fold...

15 Sobering Similarities Between Obama & Romney

Bruce Dixon, managing editor of Black Agenda Report, in a recent article entitled "Closer Than You Think: Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On" provided a list of the SIMILARITIES between Obama and Romney policies.

A distillation of Mr. Dixon's list:

15. Obama and Romney maintain that only the private sector can or should create jobs.

14. Medicare, Medicaid and social security need to be cut to relieve the “deficit”.

13. Climate change treaties and negotiations are to be avoided at all costs.

12. NAFTA-like “free trade” corporate rights agreements should continue to be established. Read below the fold...

US Armed Forces Heart Neo-Nazis as Troops?

Despite excessive media coverage of the Sikh Temple massacre in Wisconsin on Sunday, August 5, 2012, perpetrated by veteran Wade Michael Page, according to Eric London at wsws our corporate media once again missed the critical element of the story, “the close connections between the US Armed Forces and various fascistic and white supremacist organizations."

Mr. London:

US Armed Forces recruiters, officers and high-ranking executive branch officials have quietly provided fascist organizations with opportunities to recruit soldiers into the ranks of the National Socialist Movement, Hammerskins, White Military Men and National Alliance

Read below the fold...
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Defending Entitlements Against the Debt Terrorists

Dean Baker recently posted on the closed door meetings some prominent CEOs are having on shaping austerity budgets to be used after the election to pressure Congress to arrive at a bi-partisan compromise that will cut spending much more than it raises taxes and “put us on the road to fiscal sustainability and fiscal responsibility.” Dean rightly points out that these concerns are greatly overblown since the most important problem we are facing now is growing the economy and providing for full or near-full employment. In particular, he's very opposed to entitlement cuts and is opposed to the current bipartisan impulse to sacrifice entitlements on the altar of fiscal sustainability/responsibility. He then says:

”The question is how to make it so that popular sentiment overrides the big bucks of the corporate chieftains. The obvious answer would be to make the protection of these programs central issues in the election. Members of Congress and candidates for seats should be pressed to indicate where they stand on the proposed cuts to these programs.

“That means getting them to answer specific questions, like whether they support reducing the annual cost-of-living adjustment or raising the normal retirement age for Social Security or the age of eligibility for Medicare. These are among the most important issues in people's lives and voters should not have to go to the polls not knowing where the candidates for the House, the Senate or the presidency stand on them.

“People should also be aware that politicians are true masters of evasion on these questions. A response like, "I support Social Security and Medicare," should be taken to mean that they are prepared to support cuts for these programs. All of the people running for office are smart enough to know how to say that they oppose the cuts being put on the table, and they undoubtedly would say that they oppose the cuts, if it is true.

“Similarly, a statement like, "I oppose the privatization of Social Security and Medicare" should also be taken to mean that they are prepared to support cuts to these programs. Again, they are not being asked about privatization, it's not immediately on the table, why would they give an answer about privatization except to avoid admitting their support for cuts?

“The news media should also be pressed into service in this effort. It is their job to tell us the candidates' positions on important issues and there are few issues more important to voters than Social Security and Medicare. People should harangue their local newspapers and television stations to ask candidates their positions on cuts to these programs. This is far more important than most of the gossip about the campaigns that dominates news coverage.

“The whole effort here must be focused on smoking out politicians on where they stand on cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The CEOs want to do this behind closed doors because they know that politicians who have to answer to their constituencies will never be able to get away with these cuts. The key is to force the debate into the sunlight.”

While I very much agree with the idea that we must force this debate into the sunlight and should focus on getting our Representatives, Senators, and even Presidential candidates to take a “no entitlement cuts under any circumstances position,” I also think that the methods outlined above by Dean are unlikely to be enough to carry the day. Read below the fold...

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Look, Romney's Failure To Disclose Is a Disqualifier

For me this is simple. We have a giant problem in this country. It's the elephant in the room! We're a Democracy on the edge. We're in great danger of transitioning to a plutocracy: a society, economy and polity controlled by the rich. Read below the fold...

Obama, NATO, Chicago, Fascism & Genocide

The 25th summit of NATO was held in Chicago.

What did it mean? I mean REALLY mean for us bottom and captive 99 percenters in the U.S. and in the world at large?

The propaganda paint job of the Obama regime is that NATO countries are doing mutual strategizing particularly to bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. Read below the fold...

Obama’s 'Hit-Man-In-Chief' Bragging Rights! Really?

Patrick Martin of wsws has posted a provocative article on Barack Obama’s campaign use of the “take out” of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Martin:

There is something particularly degrading about the use of a state killing—in which dozens of heavily armed special ops troops mowed down the fugitive in front of his wives and children—to promote a political campaign. Obama presents himself, not so much even as commander-in-chief, but as “hitman-in-chief,” appealing to the worst social instincts.

snip Read below the fold...

Obama’s S&M (Steady & Methodical) Criminalizing of Dissent

On the Black Agenda Report website Jemima Pierre writes:

Clearly, and methodically, “the US government is preparing for domestic insurrection.”

.... In only three years, the Obama administration and its enablers have established, legitimized, and normalized a national security state apparatus that removes any doubt that domestic policing is a prelude to a totalitarian police state. This apparatus has surpassed the Bush administration’s attempts to expand executive power by crushing the civil liberties of US citizens. And it has done so boldly, with only a few prominent critics, and without so much as a whimper from so-called leftists.

Read below the fold...
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Hey Patriotic Billionaires, You Can Do Better Than the Buffett Rule, Anyway!

Well, the legislation implementing “The Buffett Rule” has been voted down in Congress as we all knew it would be. But so what? The Federal Government doesn't really need your money, since it can generate all the money it needs to pay off the national debt and also close any gap between tax revenues and Federal spending that Congress may want to legislate for the foreseeable future.

There's no problem of Federal solvency. There hasn't been since 1971, when the US went off the Gold Standard! The idea that we risk insolvency is just a fantasy of people who won't acknowledge that the US Government is the monopoly supplier of fiat currency to the non-Government sector of the economy, including all of the private sector.

However, even though your money isn't needed by the Government, it is very badly needed to help fund two things, I'll describe below. But, before I do that, since your patriotism has moved you to advocate for higher taxes for yourselves, I hope and expect that you will be motivated to spend the same amount in the two areas of activity where your money is most needed and would be much more effective in bringing the United States back to the state of a healthy democracy, than it would be if you and and other similarly situated patriots paid it to the Government in taxes.

I know you've frequently heard the Republican response to your proposals for higher taxes on very wealthy people like yourselves, namely that if you're so sure that higher taxes on the very wealthy are the right thing to do, then you can always contribute the additional money to the government, if you really want to. Well, my view is that you can equally well, and with much greater effect on restoring fair and effective functioning to our democracy, contribute that money directly to activities that will change key background conditions that are driving our democracy towards plutocracy right now. Here are the two areas of activity. Read below the fold...


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