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Election Fraud

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Va. Attorney General race recount aborted--attempted theft by fraud exposed.

A strange thing just happened on the way to a (true blue) full Democratic sweep of Virginia .

The Attorney General election ended with a razor thin victory by the Democrat, Mark Herring. (169 votes out of millions cast).

This being well within the .5% margin entitling the loser to a recount, Mark Obenshain availed himself of the statutory remedy.

Several days into the recount, he decided to concede, rather than let it run its course.

Huh??!! Read below the fold...

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Disenfranchisement without evidence or due process

“All we want to do is combat voter fraud. Why can’t we ask for people to prove that they are who they say they are?” That’s the talking point we always hear to justify legislation to disenfranchise millions of Americans. And it’s an effective talking point in the political sphere, despite its inherently disingenuous nature.

I’d like to propose a counterargument: Why can’t we ask you to prove voting fraud? Why can’t you prove they’re guilty of what you say they are? Read below the fold...

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A Modest Proposal on Voting Rights

In light of the Supreme Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act, upholding the principle that States must be treated equally under the Constitution when it comes to new voting legislation they enact, but people, in relation to their exercising their voting rights, not so much; there's a real need for proposals to make Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act operative again by re-writing Section 4. Here's a modest proposal. Read below the fold...

Mexican protests

There has been a movement brewing in Mexico against the corrupt duopoly (sound familiar?) that has been getting scant attention. Read below the fold...

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Vote Your Conscience - Updated

Vote your conscience (or not at all), and may Cthulu have mercy on our souls.

Read below the fold...

HE'S BACK!!! Karl Rove, King of Election Fraud!

Craig Unger has written a new book "Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power" about the mastermind of George Bush’s two successful but crooked runs at the US Presidency.

Rove, as Unger explains, is at the center of two of the biggest scandals of the Bush administration. The Valerie Plame Wilson affair and the U.S. attorneys’ scandal. Rove was ALMOST indicted for the Plame affair but as we all know, the 13th commandment is not to get caught, and the 14th commandment is if you get caught not to get prosecuted. (Especially easy if you have gamed the judicial system with cronies who selectively prosecute only members of the other Party!) Read below the fold...

Toon of the day

Even as kabuki, this election sucks. Maybe that's intentional - a way to engender hopelessness. Read below the fold...

A Matter of Trust: Why Don't Democratic Leaders Believe in Democracy?

(from )

an open letter to President Barack Obama
from his Primary Challenger, Aldous C. Tyler

Greetings, Mr. President,

When I consider where this nation was four years ago, I can’t help but shake my head and smile at how things have actually turned out. At this point back then, the only real question in Presidential politics seemed to be who would get the Republican nomination for President to run against Hillary Clinton, who was assumed to be predestined for the Democratic nomination. Those of us who even knew of you, sir, had no real hope of getting you past the Clinton election machine, it seemed. Read below the fold...

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Obamabots On the Attack

On the Open Salon version of my previous entry, some right-winger who supports Obama kept trying to lay the blame for next year's results on the left for failing to properly support the candidate who has done far more to pass the Republicans' agenda than any GOP office-holder could have.
Read below the fold...

So long, suckers! And thanks for all the tax-paid fish.


He won't be missed. Unless Rahm outscrews him. Read below the fold...

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2010 Midterms: Footprints of Election Fraud

2010 Midterms Analysis: House Generic, Senate RV/ LV Polls, Exit Polls vs. Recorded Vote

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

Nov. 16, 2010

The 2010 midterms are history. The typical reaction of the pundits is to promote the conventional wisdom that it was a GOP blowout of epic proportions - even bigger than 1994. Yes, the party in power nearly always loses seats in the midterms. The unconventional wisdom is that the Democrats do significantly better than the recorded vote indicates in every election. There is no reason to suspect that 2010 was any different. Read below the fold...

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Final Midterms Forecast: There will be Fraud.

11/01 Final 2010 Midterms Forecast: RV/LV Polls and Election Fraud

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

The 2010 House and Senate Forecast Models are based on a comprehensive analysis of Registered Voter (RV) and Likely Voter (LV) polls.

The LV Model predicts a 234-201 GOP House and a 50-48 Democratic Senate. Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball predicts a 233-202 GOP House and a 49-49 Senate. has a 51-48-1 Democratic Senate and a 217-200 GOP House with 18 ties. But the registered voter (RV) projections tell a different story.

The Democrats lead the weighted average of 18 Senate RV polls by 8.5%. They lead the corresponding LV sub-samples by 0.9%.
The RV projections indicate a 53-45 Democratic Senate. Read below the fold...


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