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CIA Analyst Calls UN Ambassador "Crazed". CNN Anchors Get Hives

Courtesy of zero hedge which links to the comes an interview with CIA analyst Michael Scheuer by two women anchors on CNN where he tells the truth about Libya. Watch it to the end when he accuses them of "carrying water for the Obama administration." Watch the blonde's arms throughout the interview. Read more about CIA Analyst Calls UN Ambassador "Crazed". CNN Anchors Get Hives

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Given the Rusty treatment: Banned from FDL

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Earlier today I posted a diary at FDL in what was a continuation of an argument on morality in politics. A few minutes ago I responded to a comment in another thread only to find that the comment in question was hidden pending moderator approval, a sure sign that I've been banned. And just as was done to Rusty1776, my entire account has been designated as spam and my entries hidden from view. Read more about Given the Rusty treatment: Banned from FDL



The website,, created by charity the Media Standards Trust, allows readers to paste press releases into a "churn engine". It then compares the text with a constantly updated database of more than 3m articles. The results, which give articles a "churn rating", show the percentage of any given article that has been reproduced from publicity material.

The Guardian was given exclusive access to prior to launch. It revealed how all media organisations are at times simply republishing, verbatim, material sent to them by marketing companies and campaign groups.

So, as I'm ready to go to sleep, I read that "Paypal has frozen the account of Courage to

Resist" the main fundraising site for Bradley Manning. :
And then, I read that some English judge has ruled to extradite Assange to Sweden. I am beyond outraged. The oligarchy is responding just like Mubarak, like Qaddafi, and they will go down just like those despots did. I would be in despair if not for Wikileaks and Anonymous, and millions of freedom-loving activists aroused throughout the world, like Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Bahrainis, Yemenis, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Algerians, etc, and now, in the US, we are seeing an uprising centered on Wisconsin but spreading, just like in the ME. Read more about So, as I'm ready to go to sleep, I read that "Paypal has frozen the account of Courage to

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You can't help those who won't help themselves

So once again PBS is fighting for its political life. Boo hoo.

For decades both National Public Radio, the NewsHour, Charlie Rose, Washington Week, and the rest of PBS public affairs programming has acted as meme laundries for right wing stink tanks.

They recycled every false charge against the Clintons, sneered at counting the votes in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, and have generally boosted the right at every opportunity. And now they are reaping the harvest. Read more about You can't help those who won't help themselves

The Ronald Reagan We Remember, And Not So Fondly


It would take an entire library to move the mountain of fake history spun around the life and career of Ronald Reagan by now. Sometimes only a cartoon can approach the truth.

Aaron McGruder, in this intro to a Boondocks episode of a couple years ago, comes as close to capturing a piece of the mean and nasty spirit of the Gipper as anybody ever will.

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pdrub gives Ezra Klein and Derek Thompson a clue

pdrub comments on Derek Thompson's guest post on Ezra's blog:

Terrible, just terrible. You and Ezra, despite what Jamie Galbraith tried to explain to him, still don't understand the sectoral balances that make domestic deficits imperative.

Government deficit (surplus)=private sector surplus (deficit)
by definition!

Balanced budgets mean removal of financial assets from the private sector, which then needs to turn to indebtedness.

Really, start reading Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell and wrap your head around fiat currency regimes such as ours. We are not on a gold standard anymore!
Start with Read more about pdrub gives Ezra Klein and Derek Thompson a clue

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How to stop the freak show

Contrary to what Atrios suggests, there is a way to stop the freak show, or at least stop it from mattering.

Tell Capitol Hill to TURN OFF THE TV!. Every office on Capitol Hill has the cable harpies on, which is why they can warp our politics so easily. Moreover, no one else watches the cable harpies, let it be known that Capitol Hill had turned off the freak show and their advertising dollars would dry up. The ratings on these shows are not very good. Read more about How to stop the freak show

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Crony journalism at the NewsHour

Check out this transcript from a show run on November 16th of this year:

JIM LEHRER: In the worst-case scenario, the panel says courts could block foreclosures. Banks would be left holding bad mortgage loans that cost them billions of dollars. That in turn would deepen disruption in the housing market.

But, in the best case, the Oversight Panel acknowledges, concerns about mortgage documents may prove to be overblown, a view embraced by the financial industry. This afternoon, executives from two major lenders, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America, appeared before the Senate Banking Committee.

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Arthur on Lies. Also, Paul Craig Roberts

On the heels (no pun) of the Girl Scout post, Arthur is starting up a series on fundamental lies. He starts off with Paul Craig Roberts' (former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury) analysis of the recent jobs data which he says show we have unemployment of 22.5% if using the same "less-gamed" criteria as 1980, so let's just go to that. Read more about Arthur on Lies. Also, Paul Craig Roberts

Comment of the Day

In a Volatility blog thread entitled Kleptodicy and the NYT’s New Public Editor, Jake Chase opines that other commenters' expectations regarding this momentous appointment, low as they are, are unlikely to be met, and suggests a suitable response: Read more about Comment of the Day

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Live, From AP! It's - The Double Reverse Spin!

Oh my goodness. I'm getting dizzy from all the spinning, yet!

Obama overtures to business fall flat
WASHINGTON, Mon Aug 09, 08:36 PM
Labeled antibusiness by Republicans and some corporate chiefs, President Barack Obama mounted a campaign to show he wasn't. But his charm offensive has hit a rocky patch.

Business leaders gripe about burdensome new financial and health care regulations, what they see as unfriendly tax policies and vast government spending. They were put off by Obama's harsh depiction of "fat cat bankers" and "reckless practices," a label he applied both to Wall Street and to oil-spill giant BP.

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The Wages of Limitless Pragmatism

Jason Rosenbaum, who runs the Seminal Blog at FireDogLake gives us an object lesson in what passes for "pragmatism" in Washington today. It is a pragmatism without a sense of limits. And we have seen it from the President, his closest advisers, and the "official" progressives resident in Washington and New York "think tanks" and institutes, in the media and in the "access blogosphere." He says: Read more about The Wages of Limitless Pragmatism


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