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Class Warfare

There's a reason these guys are rich


Bank of America will receive $ fresh US government aid and $118bn worth of guarantees against bad assets.

2011 Read more about There's a reason these guys are rich

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Keynesian Deficit Doves vs. MMT Deficit Owls

In a comment on another post of mine, Kelly Canfield, a blogger and commenter at FDL, asked me for the following.

What I would appreciate is a simple, 3,4 bullet point method as to why I should support, and more importantly, tell others that MMT is superior to the Keynes theories which I have pointed out and illustrated to others before this current situation.

I can easily explain that the private sector is not providing demand, and that the Fed sector should, and people would be better off with demand stimulus.

Explain to me how I EXPLAIN that MMT is superior to that basic premise, if it is?

Not sure I want to do that in three or 4 bullet points. But what I will do is to state what I think are some differences that are very significant for policy activism between a Keynesian approach employed by people like Paul Krugman, Brad DeLong, and Robert Reich and a Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) approach employed by people like Warren Mosler, L. Randall Wray, Bill Mitchell, Jamie Galbraith, Stephanie Kelton, Marshall Auerback, Scott Fullwiler, and Pavlina Tcherneva. So, here are some contrasts between the two approaches on seven important issues. Out of these contrasts, there should be much material for short explanations about why MMT is superior to Keynesian approaches. [Readers? -- lambert] Read more about Keynesian Deficit Doves vs. MMT Deficit Owls

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AARP: I Know What You're Doing

Today, Fred Griesbach, AARP Campaigns sent me one of those unsolicited e-mails telling me all about AARP's wonderful work in defending Social Security and Medicare, and then asking me for a donation, so they could continue working their magic. Here's my reply.

Dear Fred,

I know about AARP's willingness to compromise on Medicare and Social Security for the sake of deficit reduction, and I'm Mad As Hell About it! Read more about AARP: I Know What You're Doing

ABC news is reporting that AARP will "reluctantly" support cuts

to SS. They will fight as best as possible, but feel they have to give in to guide the "cuts and restructuring" to save the program. Oh I forgot to mention that won't "allow" cuts to current recipients . LINK Read more about ABC news is reporting that AARP will "reluctantly" support cuts

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The "Printing Money" Thing

If you're a progressive and want to fix problems like unemployment, the health care and health insurance systems, infrastructure, education, our energy and climate crises and want Government to deficit spend to do it, sooner of later you'll get the question: “Aren't you just 'printing money'? Here's my answer to that one.



1) Today the Government prints very little money. It mostly just “marks up accounts” using a computer when the Treasury spends, or when the Fed buys financial assets, in return for reserves it creates. So, literally, I'm not saying we should “print money,” I'm saying we should deficit spend by “marking up” non-Government accounts. Read more about The "Printing Money" Thing

Toon of the day


Not the least bit funny, but so true. Read more about Toon of the day

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Modern Monetary Theory: The Last Progressive Left Standing

By Warren Mosler
(Editor's Note: This post is cross-posted from The Huffington Post at the request of the author)

The headline progressives are in full retreat. They have found out the hard way that their bleeding heart pleadings -- 'yes, the financial markets might destroy us, but how can we cut this or that worthy cause' -- don't cut it. They have fallen into the out of paradigm world that takes it as gospel that the U.S. is at imminent risk of becoming the next Greece; where financial markets can cut off funding and ability to spend and force the giving up of national sovereignty and begging for an IMF bailout, or else, face the option of default or printing money, which launches one down that slippery slope to hyperinflation... bla bla bla...

And so to show they too are indeed fiscally responsible grownups who wouldn't think of instigating such a financial crisis, the headline progressives more than agree that the federal deficit is indeed a very dangerous long term menace that demands appropriate attention. Accordingly, President Obama, on behalf of the Democrats, has proposed over $4 trillion of his version of deficit reduction over the next ten years, with "everything on the table" including Social Security and Medicare. The main difference seems to be that the Democrats include tax hikes, while the Republicans only support spending cuts. Read more about Modern Monetary Theory: The Last Progressive Left Standing

More direct action in the US

This is what we need, and lots of it! (watch the Anonymous video, see if you have any disagreement with their statements). Read more about More direct action in the US

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Spare Me the “Middle Ground” Please!

In a debate at FiredogLake about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) perspectives on the so-called deficit/debt crisis and the idea that there is no long-run deficit problem, powwow, a perspicacious commenter and occasional blogger at MyFDL, suggests that while MMT offers useful perspectives on how the monetary system works, and he also agrees that more deficit spending in the present employment crisis will not lead to forced, as op Read more about Spare Me the “Middle Ground” Please!

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Taxing Thoughts for Progressives


Warren Mosler

(Posted with permission of the author)

(Editor's Note: Warren Mosler is one of the three primary innovators most responsible for formulating the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Approach to Economics. Warren is president of the Valance Co. Inc. a financial research services company. He is also Co-Founder and Distinguished Research Associate of The Center for Full Employment And Price Stability at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. CFEPS has supported economic research projects and graduate students at UMKC, the London School of Economics, the New School in NYC, Harvard University, and the University of Newcastle, Australia.)

Many progressives have been raising concerns about tax cuts. They are particularly concerned about proposed FICA cuts, even though FICA is a highly regressive, punishing tax, that hurts those who can afford it the least and are also doing the real work that provides the real support all of us for far less compensation than most of us would consider equitable. No progressive should stand for it for a single second.

The problem is that the non-MMT world has tied Social Security to FICA, and looks to view FICA cuts as the defunding of Social Security. And while this is nothing more than empty rhetoric, propaganda, and, at best, counterproductive and innocent (?) fear mongering, it is widely believed and accepted by the voters.

So what to do? Read more about Taxing Thoughts for Progressives

Libya, Goldman Sachs, Matt Taibbi, "follow the money"

A good read/primer on activism

"Goodwyn concludes that democratic movements are initiated by people who are neither resigned to the status quo nor intimidated by established powers. For Goodwyn, the cultural and psychological building blocks of democratic movements are individual self-respect and collective self-confidence" Read more about A good read/primer on activism



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