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Class Warfare

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President Obama: Stop Breaking the Law; Use Coin Seigniorage

Yesterday, we actually ran over the debt ceiling of $14.294 Trillion by $50 Billion or so, which means that the Treasury has issued $52 Billion more in debt instruments than is allowed by Congress's debt ceiling, which, in turn, means that the current Administration stands in violation of the Law. In reply to this, some will say that the debt ceiling is unconstitutional so the President doesn't need to observe it. However, in the present context, I don't think that's true. Here's my argument. Read more about President Obama: Stop Breaking the Law; Use Coin Seigniorage

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Can't Believe He Thinks “Shared Scarcity” Will Make It Better!

This morning cable media shared images of Paul Ryan talking about “shared scarcity” instead of “shared sacrifice.” I just can't believe his handlers thought that this would make it better. Do they really believe that when he calls for “shared scarcity” people won't reply “Let's see Paul Ryan, the Koch brothers and the rich share some scarcity for a change”? Read more about Can't Believe He Thinks “Shared Scarcity” Will Make It Better!

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Of Humans and Rights


U.S. newspapers sometimes print what they call the total death count from one or more of our wars, and all the dead who are listed are Americans. They aren't all the Americans. They don't include contractors or suicides or various other categories of dead Americans. They certainly don't include those who died for lack of basic needs while we dumped half of our public treasury into wars. Read more about Of Humans and Rights

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Bernie Says: “. . . We're Tired of Bullying . . .”

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An Open Letter to Bernie

Dear Bernie,

If you're really tired of the bullying then I think you need to stop believing in and start denying the basic premise the Republicans, the Blue Dogs, most Democrats and the Administration are all using to bully you and us into agreeing to spending cuts in key discretionary programs and entitlement programs, and also into not moving for more spending on jobs, better entitlement programs, including Medicare for All, and better discretionary programs we need to solve our many national problems. That premise is that the United States of America, the issuer of its own fiat currency, and the ultimate source of all US Dollars can run out of the money needed to continue to deficit spend and to pay its bills. Read more about Bernie Says: “. . . We're Tired of Bullying . . .”

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Gallup Scores Another for the Plutocracy

I don't really mean to single out Gallup here. Well, I guess I do; but they're certainly not the only guilty party in the polling industry of doing what I'm about to rail against. Let's begin by stipulating that public polls cannot escape ideological and selection biases in how they frame questions and alternative closed end response choices. Nevertheless, if poll results are to be considered even minimally descriptive of public opinion, they must make a concerted effort to include multiple frames and not exclude response choices that go beyond the dominant ideology. After all what good are polls that channel opinion in pre-determined directions compared to those that allow respondents to express their own tendencies? Read more about Gallup Scores Another for the Plutocracy

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Brinksmanship On the Debt Ceiling

As the United States Government approaches “running of money” to pay its bills, news articles and pronouncements by politicians about the debt ceiling dispute focus on several things. First, they talk about the dire consequences of defaulting on our obligations. Second, they talk about the need for spending cuts that will put us on a long-term path to balancing the budget, getting a Government surplus, and improving the debt-to-GDP ratio. Third, they talk about the debt ceiling preventing the Government from issuing further debt instruments to “fund” paying for its obligations. Read more about Brinksmanship On the Debt Ceiling

"Ask President Obama a question about the economy"

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Class action lawsuit accuses Apple, Google, Intel, conspiring to keep wages low

Lawsuit accuses Apple, others of 'conspiring' to keep employee wages low

A new class-action lawsuit takes aim at Apple, Google, Intel and other tech companies for allegedly "conspiring to suppress compensation of their employees."


Can I have my money back, please sir?


From the lyrics:

Listen to the lies from the politician man
Saying that we live in a democratic land
One land for the rich, another for the poor
And if you try to change it, they'll nail you to the floor

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Goldman Sachs behind skyrocketing food prices


Foreign Policy

For just under a decade, the GSCI remained a relatively static investment vehicle, as bankers remained more interested in risk and collateralized debt than in anything that could be literally sowed or reaped. Then, in 1999, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission deregulated futures markets. All of a sudden, bankers could take as large a position in grains as they liked, an opportunity that had, since the Great Depression, only been available to those who actually had something to do with the production of our food. ...

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Bootstrap Production Halted

  • Never Let 'Em See You Sweat
  • Be Grateful It's Not Worse
  • Fake It Til You Make It
  • Be Thankful You Have A Job

These are how our cultural trends towards "individualism" are reinforced. To never rely on others, only yourself, and what you can accomplish.

The purpose of this is two-fold.

First of all, it helps to erase our history of solidarity, where we stood together against the forces that would bring us down, and overcame. It prevents us from remembering, that where we are now, is because of those who came before us. As has been so elegantly stated lately, those who control the past, control the present, and control the future.

Secondly, it prevents us from leaning on each other, from asking for help. It stops collective action, cold. It's why we as a culture, can look at a man holding a sign by the interstate, and feel nothing but scorn. Asking for help is a humbling experience, and we as a country, despise humility.

But in truth, asking for help is a radical act.

So let me be radical. And brave. And humble. Read more about Bootstrap Production Halted

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How about a job guarantee?


Tell you what Rafael Pastor, how about a job guarantee? Rather than rationalize disemployment, why not embrace a policy that would actually make things better for your fellow citizens? Read more about How about a job guarantee?

Yet another tell that Obama doesn't care about you.

Via naked capitalism:

It’s time we come up with a new handle for the Office of the Controller of the Currency. It is difficult to convey how shameless this regulatory-agency-turned-slut for the banking industry has become. It’s the Stage 4 disease version of where our government is heading at a rapid clip: officials masquerading as serving the public interest when they are uber lobbyists for the pet whims of their supposed charges.



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