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Anthropogenic Warming

Climate change caused by humans.

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Global Warming is a Virus

On developing better memes for climate change communication. Read more about Global Warming is a Virus

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No Climate Change To See Here

While trying to photograph a passing airplane Friday, my camera caught this instead:

You should be seeing blossoms here

Image credit: Cujo359

Read more about No Climate Change To See Here

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Doha Conference: Six Degrees of Climate Bakin'

This year's international climate change conference begins tomorrow, November 26, in Doha, Qatar. With much of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol expiring in December and the world on track for a six degree Celsius (eleven Fahrenheit) temperature rise, a new climate change treaty is being negotiated to be signed in 2015 and to take effect in 2020. Read more about Doha Conference: Six Degrees of Climate Bakin'

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Congrats to "Rent-seeking"!

Go little meme! Go!

You know a meme has achieved success when its targets adopt it:

Critics of tax credits for wind energy projects are intensifying their push to kill the incentive with a study that calls it “rent seeking” by an established industry that doesn’t need the subsidy.

Occupy the past

Through re-enacting.

Maybe somebody could give the Black Bloc some Lexington and Concord-style uniforms. Ha ha, only serious! Read more about Occupy the past

Bangkok Flooding!

Texas wildfires

It's dry as a tinder box down here after 2+ years of continuous drought. The 35 mph winds on the west (alas, the dry) side of T.S. Lee were too much yesterday and things spun out of control. Fire fighting and emergency resources are stretched mighty thin at the moment. Several new fires cropped up today to join those from yesterday, mostly uncontained at this point. We have friends and family in Bastrop County (just east of Austin) who escaped a 16-mile long fire physically unharmed, but lost their homes and all their belongings other than what they could shove in their cars. Read more about Texas wildfires

Common household remedy request: "green" electricity?


In a deregulated electricity supply state, like mine, there are companies claiming to supply electricity with a certain percentage guaranteed to come from wind or other renewable resources.

I'm willing to pay a premium for this, but only if it's really going to do some good. A little research suggests that what's really going on is the sale of RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). Can anyone explain to me whether, if I sign up with one of these suppliers, my electricity use will then use less coal, natural gas, or whatever? Or point me to some reliable source of information? Read more about Common household remedy request: "green" electricity?

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Welcome to The Anthropocene

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"Climate Prosperity" or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Climate Change"

Well, it was bound to happen. Canada is now seeking to frame global climate change as maybe not such a bad thing, by describing all of the good things that may happen as the planet heats up. From Desmogblog: Read more about "Climate Prosperity" or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Climate Change"

Da bomb

Via The Map Room, this image of the storm that just blew through the Midwest. (Click on the image to see a large version, which may take a minute to load.)

FDR's first inaugural

Says NASA:

Read more about Da bomb

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Department of absolutely terrifying facts

This year a projected 16-17 million automobiles were sold in China. That exceeds the largest annual number ever sold in the United States (which occured in 2007). Projected annual automobile sales in China are expected to be as high as 40 million by 2020. Read more about Department of absolutely terrifying facts


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