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Alpo's what you're going to be eating when the Republicans kill Social Security.

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There IS no Democratic party


Right now Obama, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, and Hoyer are planning how to cut Social Security. The Democratic party of FDR, JFK, LBJ, et al is gone. It is no more. Read more about There IS no Democratic party

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Nancy Pelosi sells us out


Nancy Pelosi Predicts 'Democrats Will Stick With The President' On Fiscal Cliff Deal

"Well, there is a lot of understandable resistance to the chained CPI idea," Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "I think people are upset with that provision, but they want to see the overall agreement. I think everyone wants to see the final package and then weigh in."

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Parasitism and Pooling

[I'm leaving this sticky because I've been struggling for months with a massive theory of everything on the market state, and this discussion is useful to me. So feel free to stretch out with theories in comments! --lambert]

[I'm stickying this because the thread this comment came from was terrific, and because the writer is combining a lot of ideas in a very concise way -- and his grandma bought in! Hard to argue with that... Also, I like Theories of Everything, which this post is. --lambert] Read more about Parasitism and Pooling

"On Wisconsin"

Kos Regroups!!!!


Even as we speak, the troops are being rallied by this fine example of soul-stirring rhetoric:

Still "All In" For Barack Obama: Fired Up and Ready To Go Forward!

It starts with an admission of defeat, and an explanation of why we should all be proud of "our" Dems anyhow:

We got our asses truly kicked in Wisconsin. The fight was worth it, because there are things worse than a good ass kicking, such as quitting before the fight. Dems and labor could have surrendered, but they did not. They tried.

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Yes, Republicans Are Assholes, But I Can't Support The Payroll Tax Holiday...


There is no question that the Teabagged Republicans are intransigent assholes, but I cannot get my head around Democrats, Liberals and Progressives rallying around the de-funding of Social Security with this Payroll Tax Holiday.

Attaching it to the very needed Unemployment Insurance extension, and Medicare re-imbursement authorization was a recipe for disaster in the first place, with this gaggle of evil clowns controlling the House.

Here is the actual House Bill: via Read more about Yes, Republicans Are Assholes, But I Can't Support The Payroll Tax Holiday...

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Obama Bins Long Term Care, Jeralyn Advocates Ice Floes?

Or instead, "a final cruise down the Danube".

Oh Jeralyn. Really?

UPDATE: Now I've reread the post a few times, since it isn't long. If it is deep snark, well a.) I still don't get it, and b.) uh, no b., but I changed it to be a question mark just in case. I would have rather she said something like "good thing we didn't get Universal Health Care", rather than talking about one way cruises down the Danube. Read more about Obama Bins Long Term Care, Jeralyn Advocates Ice Floes?

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Disgraced Democratic Politicians Who Have Permanently Discredited Themselves

Disgraced Democratic Politicians Who Have Permanently Discredited Themselves Because they Advocate the Dismantling of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Other Programs that Benefit 98 Percent of Their Constituents.

Part I of a Running Series: Emanuel Cleaver Edition

Why on earth should anyone in Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District who is under the age of fifty-five ever vote for this man, ever again?

Freeze & Starve, Citizens! Monster $719 Billion Military Budget from Political Soft on Terror Paranoia & Violent Imperialism


Sherwood Ross in an article entitled “US Endless-War Budget Rolls On” cites the Chalmers Johnson observation that the Pentagon is “close to being beyond civilian control.” I think it is time to remove the word “close” from that chilling conclusion. Ross certainly makes the case, as he parallels the insanely burgeoning and politically uncontested military budget to the horrifying economic quicksand into which the majority of citizens are sinking: Read more about Freeze & Starve, Citizens! Monster $719 Billion Military Budget from Political Soft on Terror Paranoia & Violent Imperialism

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Can we bring Corrente into the Video Age?


Black Friday.

I signed onto my computer only to find that Corrente was down. I checked back often only to find it was still down. The panic started to build. I wandered over to other sites to calm my nerves only to find O/T comments in various threads asking "What's wrong at Corrente?" No matter where I went, I couldn't escape my Corrente fix.

Finally, late into the night I was calmed by the view of the great Corrente Building back on-line.

Which got me thinking: a bunch of us like Corrente...a lot. Read more about Can we bring Corrente into the Video Age?

Comment of the Day


Over at DU, no less (assessing Arne Duncan's education deform):

zenprole (142 posts)

Response to Original message

41. Back To Basics

A friend has a Lehman Brothers document from the mid-1990's discussing the opportunities in getting into the education "market" and relieving the public of all that cash. Matt Taibbi's priceless quote about business jamming its "blood funnel into anything that smells like money" always applies, but there's more.

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Action Alert: Cat Food Commission Town Hall


Via Susie:

These are the town halls Pete Peterson plans to stack with supporters who want to privatize Social Security. It would be really, really good if you could attend – you can apply here.

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Frank Olson, Enemy Combatant


By David Swanson

If you haven't read "A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments," by H.P. Albarelli Jr., I recommend doing so right away. Read every word, cover to cover. You will initially conclude that I, and Albarelli, are crazy. This is the story of one simple murder that asks who done it and doesn't answer the question for over 700 pages, because every time a new character enters the story the author introduces him with background that includes how his grandparents were conceived and where his field of work originated. But there is method to the madness, trust me. Bear with it. Read more about Frank Olson, Enemy Combatant


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