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This one chart shows why Daily Kos is your deadly enemy

They're dragging the Democrats right. No wonder we've got to keep fighting about Chained CPI, austerity, more wars, and RomneyCare (and Medicare for All isn't even on the table).

And is "deadly" over the top? No. As letsgetitdone is fond of pointing out, neo-liberalism kills (as for example).

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...speak, as opposed to plain English (or whatever language you're into).
We're lost in this techni-dialogue and those outside of the mainstream are cast adrift in a sea of bullshit technospeak.
I just can't accept that the English language needs all of this hyperbolic crap to define that we're being moved to the right by a bunch of galoots with an agenda!
Come on! Get a grip and speak straight to the point.
This rant brought to you by a very old fashioned, skilled speaker, of the English language...

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which sadly infects much of the "progressive" (and I mean that in DLC terminology--not synonymous with liberal) blogging community.

There's a dude (I guess) over there who fills Group after Group with screeds about how "liberal" various ultra conservative (DLC/Third Way/No Labels) Democrats are.

At one point, I went to the various politicians own official websites, and posted material that makes them sound like "Club For Growth" candidates on both tax and entitlement reform (i.e., Grand Bargain). We're able to amicably "agree to disagree," but my conclusion is that he's probably a paid Dem shill, to even attempt to propagandize the way the he does--whew!

Hip waders don't even come close to being enough when reading his diaries about Pryor, Begich, Warner, Udall, etc., etc. Every politician he features is either DLC, Blue Dog or No Labels--or, all of the above.

And this, on a blog that has "denounced" The Third Way Movement.

Regarding Nir's diary--he's just trying to defend "the boss," I suppose.

Which is disappointing, considering that some bloggers thought that it was a "good thing" to denounce The Third Way (Movement and Organization).

Go figure . . .

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I thought once you were banned from Kos your account and comments would be deleted. Today I told them I was done and asked Kos to close and remove my "account" and content.
Some Bot "elfling" responded to say my account cannot be closed down. You cannot resign.
Such a deal....