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This (Obama) is our President?! WTF

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Among so many other more substantive reasons. What is this, "I'm a Golf Homeboy"? Is he doing a video for MTV? This is the guy making a speech to Congress about why we're going to war with IS[IL][IS]?

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It is customary, when you want your balls to drop, to hop up and down on one leg, with the other one raised high to help clear the way. The supplicant should give a sweeping wave of his putter and simultaneously intone the standard magical formula: Descenderamo Yarbollockas!

It is the same procedure whether you are on the edge of a green or the eve of war.

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This is the NY Post, a Murdoch publication, dedicated to insulting any and all Democrats or anyone to the left of the dinosaurs. Beyond that, how racists are these golf courses? sheesh.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

It may be the NY Post but nobody held a gun to Obama's head to make him pose for the camera in that way.

Also too, invoking the racist card in response to a post on *this* blog where the fakery of Obama's "blackness" in the hoodwinking operation that have been his campaigns and presidency has been a constant theme on this website (see also BAR), is ... well, disappointing to this regular poster.

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These golf courses were booked solid for Labor Day. At the last minute, Mr. President decided he wanted to golf at one of them on Labor Day. They said no, because revenue, because of not wanting to screw long-time customers. They would have had to kick their long-time customers off the course, for one guy. I am proud of them.

It has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with being fair to people who support the companies year-round.

And sometimes to get any information at all you have to go to the dark side. The "Democratic"-leaning publications refuse to air anything that harms their side even if it's true.

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A Presidential golf trip isn't a royal progress, after all. Of course, to completely nail this, I'd want the negative proved ;-) That they didn't clear the schedule for Warren Buffet or Elon Musk, say.

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They wouldn't need to clear the schedule for either of the guys you mentioned. For Obama, the clearing of the schedule would have been for security reasons, as in, those without high security can't golf that day...

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They would have had to shut down there courses altogether that day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the po' little rich folks. I'm only saying it wasn't racism. It was a business decision. These folks were already getting their flights delayed because of Obama to go for their golf games. I'm sure they'd have been entirely peeved if they put up with that crap and then couldn't even golf....



And seriously, if it was all about the racism why would Obama even want to golf at these places? Seriously, why? He's the freaking president.

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Thanks. I stand by what I wrote on golf, however. And I've read plenty of P.G. Wodehouse on golf.

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Personally, I think knowledge of or association with golf should be a disqualification for public office. Probably rank prejudice on my part.

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I so agree. I'd include "interest in professional sports (including collegiate) and private aircraft" as additional disqualifiers. With that, I think we've weeded out a large percentage of the chaff, just like that! So now we can roll up sleeves and survey the remaining pool for potentially acceptable candidates!

If only ....

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This must be the posture of a lame duck.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Ha - very good.

Lame Duck Wind Up Move.

Interesting to note how concentrated he is in all his golf photos. As if he actually gives a damn about the matter at hand. Compare and contrast photos of him in his Preznidential activities - either aloof or defensive.