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This Month in Co-Opted Symbolism

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Black lives matter, but not as much as gay marriage.

A Mother Jones Contributor titles this "The Gays Won the Civil War", and who can argue? Obviously black people haven't. Unsurprisingly, the artist is an upper middle class white man from New York City.

Look, I'm pleased and happy that finally gay marriage is legalized across the US and we can put this issue behind us, but wow. Nine church-going black people are gunned down (in their church), and finally a symbol of racism is getting pulled down. They are barely cold, and the people raising the victory flag? Primarily middle and upper class white people. This isn't news, but despite Jessie Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition", the rainbow flag has for decades been a gay pride symbol.

And rich white people wonder why black people often don't identify with or join their liberal causes.

Edit: Actually, the term is "Cultural Appropriation". My apologies.

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Submitted by mitzi muffin on

I liked the cartoon, but your point is well taken. The horror of Charleston, the Court decisions, the gay celebrations. All so deeply felt. I'm going to have to be more thoughtful, and not be so easily led by facile symbols. Events seem to move so fast, all the while we fall behind.

I need to constantly change to stay apace.

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"Even I," I dare say, got taken in by that one. One forgets the bodies lying at the bottom of the flagpole.

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Submitted by jinb on

This isn't news, but despite Reggie Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition", the rainbow flag has for decades been a gay pride symbol

hmm...this post seems to assume that there aren't any lesbian and gay people of color in the LGBT community represented in the rainblow flag, which would be incorrect.
Also, I think you might mean Jesse Jackson.

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Submitted by okanogen on

No. No assumptions like that. All of the assumptions here are on the part of the artist, which as you know, is the entire point of my post.

Thank you for correcting me. Yes. Jesse Jackson. How could I have forgotten, since I have met the man more than once.

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I was young. I met him a couple times through my father in Chicago, who knew him outside of politics. Just "normal people" stuff.