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The major "news" outlets - with ZERO percent of the precincts reporting, a mere four minutes after the polls closed - have projected Barack Obama the winner of the Democratic primary in South Carolina.

In related "news," the New England Patriots have been declared the winners of the 2008 Super Bowl.

Congrats to Tom Brady - oh yeah, and to Barack Obama. Who needs a scoreboard?

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On the Obama front, my theory is that the Obamaites won the battle of grievances. More people believed that Billary were up to no good than thought that The Hopeful One had delivered low blows.

I base that on zero precincts, as well, but also on intensive interaction with DU users and especially the OFB in the last several days.

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Well, now that Obama has officially routed the "competition" in SC, he can add a new symbol for the corporate press to glee over: Caroline Kennedy has endorsed him. The symbolism is huge.

The only part that made me wince was: Senator Obama is running a dignified and honest campaign.