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Former journalist turned Obama shill Walter Shapiro gives us a top contender for the dumbest quote ever in a campaign filled with dumb quotes:

The Tuesday night story line never varies: Hillary Clinton wins a primary (Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky) and then, bizarrely enough, continues to behave as if she were a realistic candidate for president.


Gee Walt, I could see your point if she kept losing, but she's WINNING!

Now maybe it's too little, too late, but Obama hasn't locked up the nomination yet.

BTW - Let's not forget Texas and Ohio, and all the states she won on Super Duper Tuesday.

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Submitted by Swift Loris on

--that Shapiro piece is actually fairly positive about Hillary. I'm pretty sure the phrase "bizarrely enough" was meant to be ironic. He goes on to suggest that she isn't crazy to stay in the race: "Clinton is now almost certain to end the primaries with a glimmer of an argument to legitimacy." He doesn't think it's likely that she'll prevail, but he isn't making fun of her for trying, the way practically all the other media tools are.

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He's not being ironic. It's more like he throws in a couple semi-positive sentences so he can claim to be "objective."

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