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This is the Sound of My Head Exploding

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Because I totally agree with...Sully.

Why so damaging? Because the scandal involves old-fashioned corruption and bribery, it involves military-corporate deal-making, and it involves sex. If the party of evangelical fundamentalism is revealed as one in which several key members are quite comfortable being bribed by booze, gambling and prostitutes, it cannot exactly help wrench the depressed base out of growing surliness. This is how metastasizing scandals are successfully headed off. Cut your major losses early; create a persuasive cover-story to hide that fact; then hunker down and hope you can weather the tawdry details that will doubtless emerge. That's still not good news for the White House. But it's surely better than having your CIA director forced to resign in September in "Hookergate". Karl is refocused. And, of course, the MSM ate it up. At least, that's my take.

That's more or less my take as well.

But I'm still not into barebacking. So there's that.

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