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This is how we got Obama

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Please tweet or DM me if u have any interest in starting a Stop Hillary Clinton PAC (from the left). Already several members of our group.

OK, stop her with who? Biden (VP-MBNA)? Gov Andrew Cuomo? I mean, stop her with who?

I am not enthusiastic about Clinton. I was very disappointed with her senate career, and even more disappointed with her actions as Secretary of State. But who does the Democratic party have?

Other than Elizabeth Warren there is no star on the horizon that is better on the issues than Hillary Clinton. And Warren is good with all the war mongering, so I am not sure how much she is an improvement.

There is a reason I gave up on the Democratic party. The problem is not Hillary Clinton, the problem is the whole damn party

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unless we go out of the sphere of current office holders, which, of course, the MSM tools would be very much against. I can just hear the howls of laughter now. Well, Jamie Galbraith or Jill Stein are fine people, but neither has held public office; so they lack the experience of becoming corrupt public servants. Anyway, if one wants to be viewed even minimally "seriously," then it's Elizabeth Warren.

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To paraphrase Snowden, being viewed as not serious by the current power structure is the highest honor.

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And wouldn't be particularly interested in another Howard Dean run. Not after he's been all over the business channels shilling for corporate America for several years.

But one US representative that I admire is Rep Marcy Kaptur (D-OH).

At least she had the gumption to take a stand for "the little people" after the economic meltdown.

Here's a very short YouTube video of Kaptur saying, "You Be Squatters In Your Own House."

[Video Credit: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' - 'You Be Squatters in Your Own Home,' YouTube, mmflint]

Would she stay true to the "fiery populism" that she displayed on the floor of the House?

Who knows.

But I do know that the language that she used on the House Floor that day, gives me much more hope and comfort than the drivel that the Democratic Party Establishment Dems regurgitate, LOL!

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Yeah, true about Kaptur on abortion. And I don't agree with her stances.

But, we don't vote on wedge issues.

Only on economic and foreign policy issues.