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This election is 100% about inspiration, 0% about perspiration

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(h/t bringiton)

Along with noting some of HRC's accomplishments, Hillary Clinton's website generously lists the bills that Obama has drafted and passed:


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I keep hearing sputtering among the Obamaphites that he had something important to do with ethics legislation. Is that the one where you have to stand up while you eat?

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Appreciate the hattip but you left out my comments, which really were half the point of putting the video up.

Quotes self, shamelessly:

“Not to undermine Obama, consider this constructive - and concerned - criticism, he and his representatives are going to have to come up with a better answer than stunned silence and change the subject. Maybe something like ‘he hasn’t been able to do anything, the system is so screwed up nobody can get anything done and that’s what we’re trying to change.’ Dunno, but something; dead air is never good.”

Looks like 60/40 Obama is going to be our guy. I’m all for criticism, all directions, and yes sometimes screaming No! is all that’s possible, but when we can it would be a good idea to start appending suggestions on how he might do better.

Building up rather than tearing down, just sayin’.

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How's this for constructive criticism, I'm not surprised his supporter had problems, Obama himself as been fairly lame on defense (see below). Really, he's been lucky that he hasn't had to play it very much, but he and his supporters need to get better ASAP. More disturbing to me is that this way of embarrassing supporters wasn't new to Matthews, Hannity has been doing it on Fox. And I'm not even sure Matthews was trying to embarrass the guy, he was just asking him the same thing Clinton's supporter had just answered.

But this is not going to do it (and I'm pretty sure when the fanboys talk about how Obama could be our Reagan this is not what they mean):

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