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This Christmas, give the gift of Corrente (3)

[Coyote Creek's contribution has now been matched! So, CC will now match $300 of your donations with $300 of her own. So thank you Coyote Creek and thank you all!]

[CC's matching contribution is still on the table... and I hate to see it left there... --lambert]

This bleg will be blessedly brief, as I go now to wrestle Solr into submission on the new site yet again, pre-launch; with a back catalog of 37,000+ posts, it takes a while to build the index...

Anyhow, I should have said, but did not -- because even though they took my Asperger's diagnosis away, yet they can never take it away, and I got a little entranced with the mechanics of blegging -- Do give if you can, and do not give if you can't.

It's tough out there.

acelaCorrente, for whatever reason, has ended up positioned in the sweet or bitter spot between contributors (and readers) who can only use library computers to access the Internet, and contributors (and readers) who are academics, policy makers, and who have run for high office. (Needless to say, all (surviving) contributors are fine writers because the Corrente community collectively selects for that, and I am a mild-mannered though ruthless curator).

We have a reader- and writership that experiences the "statistical dispersion"* of the Gini co-efficient "on the ground" in a way that most other blogs in the political economy space, I would argue, do not. Yes, many many blogs allow anyone to comment, but there are not many blogs that front page all contributors. And yes, there are "progressive" (even genuinely progressive) blogs that advocate for policies that would decrease human suffering -- why don't they all just get together and adopt the 12-Word platform? -- but clearly all of their writers, and most of their readers, are looking out from the sealed windows of the Acela as it makes its merry way from Penn Station in (prosperous) Manhattan to Union Station in (booming) Washington, DC. The numbers tell the Acelistas how tough it is, and some of them think that tough is good or even fun, and some of them think that tough is stupid and/or evil but I don't think more than a very, very few of the Acelistas are personally touched. The political class is funded, and funding both helps and distances.

At Corrente, the tough is personal. (I know it's personal, because the Corrente community has rescued me when my pipes failed and when I've had to pay my property taxes; library computer, here I come, just as in 2003 when I had no heat, no power, and no Internet in Philly. Fortunately, I had a top-floor apartment, and heat rises.) The degree of separation, the step along the Gini Coefficient's upward slope, is at most two at Corrente. For the Acelistas, the degree of separation starts at two, and goes on up.

And at Corrente, the funding does not distance. Corrente is 100% funded by reader contributions. We are not funded by a party. We are not funded by a faction or a tribe. We are not funded by celebrities. We are not funded by Geoge Soros. We do not take advertising. Corrente, as it has existed and if it is to continue to exist, requires your gift. And keeping Corrente alive by writing, moderating, administering, and site building is a full-time job for me, and Corrente wouldn't exist if I couldn't keep doing it. Did I mention the tip jar? It's to your right.

Readers, I urge you to consider Corrente as a sort of "living national treasure," because that is exactly what it is. There is no other blog like it, and [lambert blushes modestly] there is no blog that is better at what Corrente does. So, those of you who can contribute, I urge you to do so, especially on behalf of those who -- because it's tough out there, the numbers show it -- cannot.

Readers, I also think that Coyote Creek's matching "challenge" was a very good idea, not least because it may bring new contributors into the fold. There are still $75 dollars to go with it, so if you want CC to match your contribution, write "MB" in the Notes field of your PayPal contribution.

And so but and, readers, if there are any of you who can, perhaps you would consider issuing your own challenge?

Thanks to all (17) who have contributed so far. I had two goals for this round: One was to pay back a debt from somebody who helped me with the server last time. That goal is almost reached. The second goal is that moi lambert be able to buy a new pair of progressive trifocals. I've been bending too close to the laptop for months now and my back is starting to hurt. Blogging is tough too!

I go now to throw more wood on the fire, which yes, I do and still have....

NOTE This is not a call for posts on suffering. This is a call for creativity in the face of suffering. Corrente cannot do very much do reduce suffering directly, though we have done what we can. However, Corrente can do a great deal as a platform for creativity.

NOTE * A fancy way of saying "suffering that's random except not."

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