If you have "no place to go," come here!

This Christmas, Give the Gift of Corrente

Or if Christmas isn't your thing, there's Hanukkah (holy cow!) or Yule or Kwanzaa or any number of other Winter Solstice observances that you may never have heard of (I hadn't).

Corrente | If you have "no place to go," come here! is an apt description of how I got here in the first place, being at the time (the 2008 primaries) a Hillary supporter surrounded by Obama Fan Club members, on the internet, at least, but I found other like-minded people here.

This was followed closely by the Financial Meltdown and there really was no one place where you could find good information - except here. And too, I was a new convert to the idea of single payer, but who was talking about that? Nobody - except Corrente.

All this has to be paid for somehow, and I knew that the US printed its own money, but beyond sort of fuzzily realizing that, how did that work? Ha! Some Correnteans not only wrote about it here, they even organized a conference.

And where else are you going to find live blogs on single payer advocacy (here! here! here!) or being a Green Party candidate (here!) or how to be a guerilla projectionist (here!)?

But life is not all politics and economics and activism, and neither is Corrente.

Building your own house from scratch? You can find out how ohio did it. And then she takes up baking bread from scratch - gotta love someone who starts off with step 1 - build your own oven. And there's butternut squash soup and peaches and small business and more.

Blogger LostClown knit some shark mittens, got a service dog, attended a We Are Wisconsin solidarity rally in her home town, then went on the road and reported back on the Madison Capitol occupation and tractorcade, stopped at Mother Jones' gravesite on her way back, and wrote a series for Women's History Month - Union Woman of the Day.

Winemaking 101? Here. Fiction? Here. Gardening? Here. Blizzard? Here.

One thing you might or might not have noticed - a lot of the posts I've linked were written by people who are seldom, or not at all, writing these days.

Lurkers, here's your chance! Got a subject (or several) that no one is writing about but you think we ought to know about? Write about it here at Corrente, you'll find an audience.

Not going to write, just going to read? That's cool, writers gotta have readers.

All of which brings me to one final point - blogging is not free. Until The President sets up a WPA 2.0, with provisions for bloggers, each other is all we've got, whether for content, for an audience, for monetary support.

One of "my" lurkers has already donated $5. Doesn't sound like much, does it? But this post, Shoes For Barack, got more than 7000 hits. Had Corrente not been here, I would never have written that post, and those 7000+ readers would never have seen that post. If every one of them were to donate $5, that would be $35,000+. That would pay the server costs for the next 15 years. And then some.

Alternatively, it would pay for the server for one year and food and heat and plumbing and eyeglasses and roof repairs for lambert, who, along with the hamsters, is an important ingredient here.

But times are tough, thanks to the sociopaths and plutocrats, and not everybody has even $5 to spare. Last Christmas, these posts averaged about 500 hits apiece. If each of those lurkers were to donate $5, that would cover the server costs for one year. I'm giving 2 bags of catfood to the Corrente hamsters for Christmas, which, not incidentally works out to $5 for each of my 11 cats. That's 12 down, 488 more to go....

Did you know, btw, that one bag of hamster food costs $5 at my local big box store? I'm going to give it to the neighbors to put in their squirrel feeder (which greatly entertains my cats), which means that it will probably end up feeding the critters under the house, but hey, it's Christmas.

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