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Third Party Presidential Debate

The debate should go live at 9PM; right now it's talking heads. Open thread!

I don't know what a third party drinking game would look like. Readers?

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About the same time you posted this, one friend of mine posted a link of facebook. Other than that I haven't heard of it at all.

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I wonder whether, once (if) he gets reelected, he'll realize he doesn't need to face another election and decide to take up Rocky Anderson's idea of pardoning all people in prison only for drug offenses.


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Rocky Anderson presents himself very well. He looks like an elected official, precisely because he was one. I thought Jill spoke well. She clearly has honed her pitch. It was a great night, and emergent parties will learn a lot form these debates.

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Er, that's it. Just "ditto"

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I found this far more interesting than watching Robama and Omney throwing words at each other for a combined time of four and a half hours. If you go to Fair and Equal's website, they are doing IRV votes to determine which two emergent party candidates get to debate each other in a second round. Gary Johnson seems to have grabbed a lot of Ron Paul's crowd, so I don't doubt he'll be in it, but I'm hoping to get Jill Stein and/or Rocky Anderson in on round two.

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So refreshing to hear people answering questions with non-standard, un-prescripted answers.
Loved it.
Anderson Rocks!
Stein's not too shabby either.