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Were I in a bigger city I'd be at benefit: public transportation, where I live, is a hideously bad joke. It's done by bus, the routes were cut by half last year and the number of buses on each route halved again.
Anybody got any GOOD news about bus, light rail, trolley, etc.?

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Q: Anybody got any GOOD news about bus, light rail, trolley, etc.?

A: No.

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I'm working on the Mpls-St. Paul Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Line even as we speak. This is one of the highest priority projects in the country in terms of projected ridership. This line travels parallel to I-94 between the two downtowns along a very highly-trafficked University Avenue, through the heart of the University of Minnesota (which they are none too happy about) and will be part of a hub of two other new and newish LRT lines, the Northstar LRT route from St. Cloud, MN to Mpls (also in construction) and the Hiawatha LRT which connects downtown MPLS with the airport (MSP) and of course points between. There is a huge appetite here for rail and people are VERY excited, with little opposition (at least now) even from Republicans. The suburbs want it, so the Republicans want it. It's sexy.

Hiawatha's ridership is around double the initial projections from my understanding, and would be significantly higher if they would better enforce ticketing. I spoke to a transit official who on the QT told me they had one of their employees ride the Hiawatha line back and forth for a full day three years after it opened. She never once was asked for a ticket....


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