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On a recent trip to the coast, we went via Ban Laem. I dislike freeway(?) driving here, so I opt for back country roads whenever possible (they're so interesting and full of surprises). The locals are shocked when we stop for a meal, because they rarely, if ever, see farang. And they are just thrilled if the farang actually speaks to them in Thai.
Our destination was the military (army) resort in Chao Samran; one of my favorite beaches. Ban Laem and Chao Samran are huge sea salt producers and we were there at the height of the harvest.
I apologize for the mediocre picture quality (forgot tripod and the time of day [sun was overhead]).

Ban Leam; major sea salt producer and bird's nest (for soup) supplier (that's another post).

I love baskets; nice to see they still have utility here.

With permission; we took these pictures (a video would have been better). High noon and hotter than hell; these guys don't stop; a continuous loop of workers.

One of thousands of salt barns along the route. This is typical and about 30 meters long stacked 3 meters high with sea salt.

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Submitted by lambert on

Sea salt! I wonder if they have fleur de sel, where IIIRC one skims salt off the surface of a lagoon,

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Submitted by jo6pac on

for the road trip:)

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Wow. Amazing to read about. And one of the only times I've seen SE Asians not wearing flipflops (if I'm seeing the photo right). I'd think your feet would just dry up and fall off if you tried to work in flipflops! Working in salt in that heat....

But as lambert says, sea salt... mmmmmm.

Hope you had a great day at the beach!

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...correctly; they're wearing rubber boots. Thais are some of the hardest working people I've known. I managed a factory of 120 when I first came here. I've been forever impressed.