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It's probably just me. But still, of course it makes me wonder. Just now, here at Chez Dyke, a lot of blogs aren't working for me. That is, I can load them, but the comment functions don't seem to be enabled. I'm no intertube expert, I have no idea how this sort of thing happens (or if it is just my old, funky Mac and my unwillingness to "upgrade" to the latest browsing platforms) but I'm always reminded at times like these:

Know the people you "meet" online, and be sure to make contact with them outside of the phone, computer, or other electronic device you usually rely upon. As in, know exactly where your friends live, what they do, where they work, about their lives. Once upon a time, it was normal for Americans to know their neighbors, "in person." Today? I do wonder if that is at all still true.

I'm not trying to be all CT or anything, so much as reminding people that our Revolutionary Technologies of the Future with Flying Cars...well, "we" don't really control all that. And that's on purpose. Any Revolution that relies on the Internets? Doomed, from the start. Just sayin.

I recently had dinner with an internet friend I've known for like, 7 years, but never met in meatspace until this week. He was totally different, and cooler, than I'd guessed from his posts and comments. More support for my theory: there is no substitute for fleshy relations. Heh. Consider this a post which also breaks with the "No Flirting" rule, if it motivates you to post about ways to communicate other than forms like this one. And: give a penny to Lambert, who keeps this site up and running and free of crap and spam, all so you can come and play. You know where the button is, you lazy bastards. ;-)

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Online, its easier to be a dick (case in point: me).

Its nice to have neighbors to pick up your mail, check on your house from time to time while you are away, etc. So, yeah, I much prefer personal interaction to virtual ones. And not just because the sex is usually better... And yeah, I do owe Lambert a few bucks.

Submitted by lambert on

Over radio. Local, with repeaters. PGP. Just sayin.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

nice to see you posting again and hope you have more opportunity to treat us to your fine rants.

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Submitted by tedraicer on

Not a problem for me as I'm not a revolutionary-I want to reform and improve the world, but not try and remake it wholesale. My reading of the history of Revolutions suggests to me they inevitably begin with an assumption that people are better than they are, and generally end with killing large numbers for failing to live up to those unrealistic expectations. (The American Revolution is an exception, only because there were enough men with a darker view of human nature-such as Adams and Washington-to counter the more bloody-minded idealists like Paine and Jefferson.)

Submitted by lambert on

... you've come to the right place ;-)

I keep returning to the idea that the Framers were so concerned to prevent tyranny exactly because they were slaveholders (or were intimate with slaveholders).

In fact, it's interesting to consider similarities between the USSR of Breshnev and the USA of Geither, Summers et al -- central planning, destruction of value, lawless elite, and so on and so forth.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

and not really serious. i could go all night with you about the various values of "revolutions" and their failures, impact, etc.

no, what i meant is just: Be Paranoid! or rather, don't put all your eggs in one basket. heh, i own the DVD "goodfellas" and i'm reminded of the scene when it all goes down for HH. in the end, he was brought down by a phone call. that was in the 70s. this is the age of the Patriot Act and so forth. let's all think about that.

meh, i was mostly doing a silly friday night post for no good reason. i hear you on wanting to change the world in a meaningful way, moderately, calmly, lastingly. and heh: i won't make the joke about Jefferson's "darker nature." that would be in poor taste. ;-)

Submitted by lambert on

... intimate with slaves (torture, like whipping, also being a form of intimacy, let us remember).