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Things Are Getting Hotter in the Swampland: Touchy Capitol Police Ed

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I assume you saw the following video, but I'll put it up again. Did you know he wasn't the only one tossed on his ass? The very kind and extremely gentlemanly (and white, and former CIA) Mr. McGovern also got kicked to the curb. His crime? Saying outloud, as Petraeus' mic was being clipped on, "Swear him in." Pathetic cowards, our Rulers in DC. Afraid of an old man and a preacher. Just sad. Go to a protest and find out for yourself. I'd say "break a leg," but that would be in really bad taste*:

(*The pile-on broke Rev. Yearwood's leg. I'm told he's in the hospital recovering and that the charges won't hold up in court.)

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Good one.

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