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From Midwest City, OK:

Government is not a business
The tea party held the Republicans hostage and Republicans held the Democrats hostage. What kind of Congress is this? All parties need to retake high school civics and government classes in order to learn how this country works! Government is not a business; it provides services. Don't they realize in order to create jobs one has to spend money and increase taxes?

I have never seen so much hate for a president in my life. Obama's election was not an Al Gore vs. George W. Bush election. Obama won; fair and square! Racism is alive and well in the United States! Unfortunately, Obama is under the impression that he can effectively run our country and bring us out of the recession created by Republicans by dealing intellectually, reasonably and honestly with Congress. This is simply not the case! He has thrown the middle class and the poor under the bus and will pay dearly for this in 2012!

LaDonna Bala, Midwest City

The "hostage" scenario is more optimistic than the kabuki scenario, true. That said, what I like about this letter is the realization -- a Pravda writer would call it "clear eyed" -- that although there's plenty of racism in the opposition to Obama, yet nevertheless it is also true that Obama threw us all under the bus.

This is exactly the truth that the Ds and their enablers in the world of access bloggers and career "progressivism" enable daily to conceal. Publication of a local Letter to the Editor like this means, to me, that Obama's shills and fans will find it harder to obfuscate his record in 2011 than his resume in 2008.

NOTE And the denial of the pervasive conservative trope that "government should be run like a business" is excellent.