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Excellent LTE on single payer in Baker City, OR:

In Pete Sundin’s recent letter to the editor, it appears he is a believer in the hodgepodge of over 1,000 private insurance corporations in control of the nation’s health care: the most ineffective and costly health care system in the developed world. U.S. health care costs twice as much as in other industrialized nations. And what does it buy us? A 37th rank among nations on the healthiness scale of the World Health Organization!

We don’t get what we’re paying for, because insurance companies use a third of what we give them for processing claims, marketing, and profit.

62 percent of bankruptcies in the U.S. are brought on by medical debts. And two-thirds are filed by persons with health insurance! Locally several times a year caring citizens put on fundraisers to help out families hit by catastrophic health care costs.

The rest of the industrialized world has single-payer health insurance. Our Medicare for seniors is a single-payer system spending about 4 percent on processing claims, while insurance companies spend about 30 percent.

Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposal to privatize Medicare, endorsed by Sundin, is just more of the same inefficient corporate-controlled management we presently have.

The U.S. will eventually be forced to go to a single-payer system (a type of Medicare for all), because the cost of our present wasteful system is just too expensive.

Gary Dielman
Retiree, Medicare recipient
Baker City