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They borrowed the money to pay for the wars and the bailouts

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Submitted by jawbone on

create enough debt and deficit to be able to argue more effectively for doing away with the social safety nets. Make government small enough to drown it in a bathtub. (Military exempted, ususally)

Dems have recently been assisting them in their objective, and Obama wants to outdo St. Ronnie.

We get penury, insecurity, low wages, and shorter, more miserable lives (most likely).

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

Don't forget that the payroll tax for Social Security was reduced too. That will speed up the track to using the surplus to fund the monthly benefit outlay.

"They" are doing exactly what they want - make US labor compete with the most undeveloped 3rd world country on salary and benefits and remove the social safety net.

Half the country is helping them do it while the other half is afraid to criticize anyone with a D after their name.

I wish I knew how to wake them from the coma.

Submitted by jawbone on

chart showing just how bad unemployment is compared to other recessions since WWII (am I correct on the time frame?).

There ought to be a blog swarm featuring these two charts. They should be posted at the top of blogs for days on end, maybe cycling between the two. And then it should be done again.

Now, who will put this chart on, oh, front pages of newspapers? On a news program? Bill Moyers would have given it attention, and his program did reach a somewhat influential audience.

How do we get it out to real people with busy lives?

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

In addition, create handouts, append them to any activist movement you're involved in, US Uncut, union protests, etc., (good idea for Greens, especially-will be passed on, for sure). This is a great example of messaging, simple, clear, and pointed, somethiing the left has lacked for decades. And I think using lambert's title as the "hook", the essence of the movement:
"They borrowed the money to pay for the wars and the bailouts" gives Frank Lutz a run for his money.