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They all hate us anyhow, so let's drop the big one now

Political science 101 from Fact-esque:

What choice do we have? The New Democrat party of Blue Dog conservative douchebags is only about 10% less dirty, slimy, corrupt and intellectually and politically bankrupt as the worst of the GOoPers. Therefore, the best we can expect by continuing to support these clowns is that the ultimate destruction of what's left of our economy and our democracy - not that there's much of either to speak of - will happen 10% more slowly than if the Pubs controlled the finish like they controlled the start.

How gutless are we if we're willing to watch that destruction rather than fight it, all for a slightly elongated timeline?

How fight it? The only way I see supporting a Third Party. The New Democrats are so hopelessly stuck to the assholes of the rich and corporate that they won't stop sucking butt until they're scared not to. And the only thing they fear more than the drying up of the corporate tit is a challenge from the left forcing them to turn more populist or at least less corporate puppety or else lose their election altogether.

What you need to remember is that Third Parties in America don't win elections, they win the argument if their answers are better, and ours most certainly are. A viable left-wing Third Party doesn't have to win a single election. All it has to do is make enough noise to scare the Democrat party into going back to its roots and adopting Democratic ideals and policies once again. We need to make the New Democrat BD scuzzballs more afraid of us than they are of Scumface Andy.

And after all, how hard could that be to pull off?

Or , as I remarked on the "Purists vs. Realists" thread over at Ian's place:

Ian writes:

[The realists] see the attacks from what they consider the “purists” as deeply damaging.

Good. Since the only way to get a politician’s attention, besides money, is pain, we need to damage them some more.

NOTE Via Avedon. It's nice to be in good company

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

An actual grass roots party (unlike the Tea party), that takes no corporate money, and has a wonderful platform. Check them out, and send some R$VP's their way.

Submitted by lambert on

And if somebody -- CD? -- could start writing something from on the ground, that would be great...

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

Here's a link to the MI party platform:
As far as my campaign, I have a "bare" website created, needs a lot of tweaking, but it looks great (TY my SIL Dave!), and I'll "break cover" and link to it here very soon. Frankly, I am having to learn about webstuff on the run, and with all my other RL stuff, it's taking time. I'll talk to CD, and see if she can post re: the convention/her/our experience, in addition to whatever I can get posted.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

There's a very apropos verse from the song: "We give them money, but are they grateful? No, they're spiteful and they're hateful. They don't respect us, so let's surprise them, let's drop the big one and pulverize them."

compare and contrast...

So although the song is actually mocking a certain form of American exceptionalism, it's interesting how some of it becomes a powerful metaphor for the "little people" taking political power back.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Nor do I plan on voting for any anytime soon. I have yet to have pleasant experiences with very many Greens. And if I can't trust the people to treat me with respect, how can I trust them to do what's best for me? Trust and understanding, rather than holier-than-thou lecturing are prerequisites to my support. I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way also. What are we supposed to do? How are the Greens gonna address their condescending manner?

Submitted by lambert on

"How are the Greens gonna address their condescending manner?"

Well, that's really not an answerable question, is it? Beat your wife, much?

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Submitted by nomnomnom1 on
I voted Green in this past election; I didn't hear condescension from my candidate, just plain speaking to the facts.
The Greens and the Socialist Party USA (candidate was former Green Brian Moore) at least did not seem infiltrated by the neocons as were the Libertarian and Constitution Parties in the last election; their candidates seemed imo thoughtful and actually answered spontaneous questions.
jmo, the important thing at this point is to get enough voters behind a party that is truly independent and not merely claiming to be so, and make sure it gets on all 50 state ballots for 2012. Then at least 5% of the vote must be achieved for the party to get matching funds for 2016. Simultaneous to this, citizens need to guard against initiatives like the California Proposition 14 which passed that will limit elections to the major 2 candidates from the primaries regardless of parties: a system almost sure to kill 3rd party competition.

Submitted by gob on

The one I know best around here is thoroughly working-class, very articulate and passionate, and excellent at relentlessly pressing the point that the wealthy are waging class war on the rest of us.

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Submitted by TaosJohn on

I'd vote for a real third party in a second. The Greens have too much baggage and a terrible track record.

Submitted by lambert on

Which makes sense. What we need, I think, is an architecture that connects them directly based on principles and policy, rather than heirarchy, because if they centralize the blight from Versailles will infect and wither them immediately. No, I don't know how to do that (and I don't think the North Dakota populists that Tony points to faced the environment we do, or am I wrong? I tend to think of what's happened to our press as a new development, but maybe it's a return to the historical norm.)