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There's right, and then there's wrong

Wrong. And right.

Too bad about the blogosphere. Remember that whole "reality based community" thing? Good times...

NOTE No, Izvestia isn't credible as such, but David Cay Johnston is, and he got it right. Perhaps that's because he's a reporter, and not just trying to stay "on message" for his legacy party of choice.

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I didn't know about the special legislation for IBM, or Congress's refusal to fix it.

The larger independent contractor issue was about preventing freelancers from hiding income. I was working for a magazine publisher that classified us workers as independent contractors and finally put us on staff following a big tax case that found abuse of the independent-contractor-status time limit. But the law of unintended consequences kicked in elsewhere, as companies began hiring through third-party rent collectors, as happened to the IT workers. Home health care workers are hit hard by this, too.

(Another example of the law of unintended consequences: A tax case that reclassified bolts sitting in a warehouse led to book publishers' reducing their backlists, which went from tax-free in a warehouse to current tax liabilities. The backlist had been the mainstay of book publishers and authors—steady sellers that brought in income year after year and kept books in print.)