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"There's no question that Camp Obama is a beautiful thing."

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I'd missed this story when it came out.

Now, I feel so much better about everything!

The fact is, I'm fairly sanguine about the new administration. I think the combination of major crises, Clintonian technocrats, and Obama's smarts means there's a decent chance he'll do a decent amount of decent things decently.

But the other fact is, we don't have a president, just like we haven't for the past eight years. We have a king — or, more accurately, a leader of an ill-defined charismatic movement.

He is in no way responsive to the public, certainly not the progressive half. He'll be a good king, or he won't.

All we can do is lie back and hope.


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You know, "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the Obama Nation I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in." We better get used to it, though, because Obama people are the best people. They are smarter than you, more handsome/pretty than you, know more than you do, are more perceptive than you, and are simply better humans than you. Us assorted trolls and ogres should feel blessed to have these enlightened, ascendant beings.