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Is there a war that the AUMF doesn't justify?

Wait, don't answer that. Anyhow, Our Nobel Peace Prize-winning Preznit is using the AUMF to justify drone strikes in Pakistan:

Then there’s the question of whether the strikes are legal. Obama administration claims that the September 2001 congressional Authorization to Use Military Force in retaliation for 9/11 provides all the legal protection necessary for the strikes.

Alrighty then.

Everything's legal now. And I suppose the AUMF is more colorable than "It's Thursday," or "The shock absorbers on my limo need changing," or "they served my brown M&Ms on Air Force One just before I forced Dennis Kucinich's head into the toilet bowl." Or "Just because!" So let's look on the bright side!


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Submitted by jawbone on

use of power.

Who needs declarations of war when some waffly legislation will do? And can be used by the executive (does Obama believe in the Unitary Executive?) to justify whatever it chooses to do.

Like Nixon, who famously said that if the president does it it is not illegal.

And this is used only for the things which can no longer be hidden.