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There is no justice

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3 NYPD detectives cleared in wedding-day shooting

NEW YORK (AP) — Three detectives were acquitted Friday in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed groom-to-be on his wedding day, a case that put the NYPD at the center of another dispute involving allegations of excessive firepower.

What does it take to send thug-cops to jail?

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even when they obviously do horrible things like this, and our NYPD has a history of horrors against blacks. It's built into the system that authority figures like cops are presumed 'the good guys" and that they must have had cause or suspicion of something, etc...

it's awful.

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Submitted by Sarah on

24/7/365 propaganda machine that is television in the USA.

In the real world, 2/3 of the shenanigans you see fictional DAs patting cops on the back for would lead instead to suspensions, if not firings -- for both the DAs and the cops.

That's not an excuse; just a note on the way things are, and a lament for how far the way things are is from the way things ought to be.

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Submitted by kangeroo on

the nypd. i always knew it was true for the lapd (understatement), but the nypd as well (presumably under giuliani)?

sarah, i agree with you that what we need is better cops--community policing is the way to go. but we don't have much of that anywhere, especially in urban areas.

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One of the things the Christopher Commission documented was that the vast majority of misconduct charges were leveled at a small precentage of cops. Obviously they were getting away with stuff for years and everyone turned a blind eye. It is not just NY or LA, it takes a lot of courage for a community to hold a cop accountable for misconduct.