If you have "no place to go," come here!

There are lots of blogs that everybody hates and nobody reads out there

(Here's another good one from Stop Me Before I Vote Again on union organizing. Once I fight my way through the style, it sounds like union guys are going through, with the Gomper Room (haw), what we're going through with the A list and the FKDP. Except their livelihoods are at stake, of course.)

So and I've been having fun adding web links to C list blogs that everybody hates and nobody reads. It's a lot more interesting and fun than beating The New Broders into bloody pulp and then not having them respond with anything even a dull high school freshman debater would recognize as an on-point response. The writing on the C list blogs is better, too. Maybe they aren't hung over from the parties? And the after-parties?

The point, as usual, is to connect.

About which, I grant, I've been remiss. But a manual blogroll is incredibly hard to maintain (took days, literally, to straighten out the last one when I tried it) and I'm not willing to entrust my content to a third party. But with the new Drupal module that makes a web link as easy to create as a post -- and makes sure the links haven't gone stale, automagically! -- making a good blogroll is easy and fun. Hurrah!

So I encourage everyone to go out and find more good blogs that everybody hates and nobody reads, and add them to the blogroll!

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Some of them are to regular reads, but many are either new or blogs that somehow got off my regular list (or that I once stumbled across, loved, and could never find again). Thanks for the good reads.

I discovered in the last year that there's a lot of good writing out there on a lot of varied topics if you can just find it. This makes it easier to find some of it. So thanks!

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Getting people to connect, to realize they are not alone. Though I hate to mention this effort in the same breath as "progressive".

With the big Pibber, A-list blogs there is generally uniform agreement on pretty much everything, from which candidate to support to the "public option". If you had different view, you made to feel isolated. If you felt skeptical of Obama, you began wondering if you really were a racist if you only visited the Pibber sites. If you wanted something that would get us to single payer rather than a health insurance company handout, the Pibber sites can make you feel like a cacophonous Obama hater.

The feeling of isolation is an important tactic. One of the ways they make it hard for union organizing is to discourage dialogue about unionization so that people feel their legitimate concerns are something that only they have. The best way to organize is to connect people so that the feeling of isolation is combated. I'm excited about the new feature. I stumbled upon this racist hell-hole by chance and it would be great to find other places with interesting perspectives.

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The second part is a business model. That's why I've got advertising enabled -- and soon a marketplace. Eh?

* * *

As for the "uniform agreement," yes. I remember when I wrote this post, showing how the A list had suppressed the fact that single payer was going to get a floor vote, noting the uniformity of the stories that were covered. The coverage was like a Clear Channel play list.

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but I keep getting back some sort of vocabulary error even though it says Blogroll in the box. What am I doing wrong?

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Maintaining the blogroll manually is just too time-consuming, and I'm not willing to make our content dependent on an outside service. So the Web Link module had to materialize.

Just make sure the blog is C list (needs the hits), has good writing, and is live. Nothing's more depressing than clicking and arriving at a dead blog, unless it's clicking and reading a blog that one agrees with but where the writing is bad and the thoughts are not original.... If we want cheerleading and cliques, there's always the A list.