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Is there anything in Versailles that isn't written by lobbyists?

Well, HR676 and S703, but leave them aside. Times via Economic Populist:

In the official record of the historic House debate on overhauling health care, the speeches of many lawmakers echo with similarities. Often, that was no accident.

Statements by more than a dozen lawmakers were ghostwritten, in whole or in part, by Washington lobbyists working for Genentech, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies.

E-mail messages obtained by The New York Times show that the lobbyists drafted one statement for Democrats and another for Republicans.

Let nobody say that we don't have two-party system! Economic populist comments:

The public relations techniques of lobbyists are notorious. There are so many lobbyist press kits and white papers, it must look like snow.

Firstly, one sees the same story across over 100 newspapers and TV media, all with the same talking points. Then we have interviews and debates on television, again with the same talking points.

Ever wonder why suddenly the public discourse sounds like a chorus of talking parrots? This is why.

And imagine! Once some of us thought blogging could change that! And maybe it did, a little, for awhile. Then came access....

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This is my favorite part of the NYT article:

Asked about the Congressional statements, a lobbyist close to Genentech said: “This happens all the time. There was nothing nefarious about it.”