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Is there another video pushing progressive opinion-leaders to make sure the "public option," if any, is "strong" as advertised?

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It's nice that celebrities took the time to promote health-care reform. But is "a public option" or "the public option" in fact a real plan to deliver the benefits they espouse? That would be nice to know, if it's not too much trouble.

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If insurance executives are so terrible, and they are, why on earth shouldn't we just get rid of them? MoveOn is part of the problem. Couldn't they have ended the ad with support public health care, or public health insurance? Why a "strong public option"?

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Submitted by vastleft on

Well meaning, but ultimately kabuki for the likes of Obama and Dean who want us to accept a "uniquely American" solution that values how much people supposedly love their insurers.

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I mean, rhetorically it's like a set of checkboxes, and one of the checkboxes on the list --- which is supposed to be the really good one, mind -- is marked "public." Hold me back!

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I changed the width/height of the video in an effort to make the scrollbars go away, but no joy. I'm guessing the issue is on the server side.

Submitted by gmanedit on

Same oh-so-superior celebrity attitude as during the primaries. Same desirable yet unspecified pony-in-the-offing. I hate these people. Policy dilettantes.