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Theoclassical takedown

What fun!

Readers, I would argue you need to be familiar with these ideas, because the kleptocrats who run the country believe in them. Not sure I agree with all of them, or even understand them, but it's an important part of the discourse. Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!

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of that posting - I'll try again after I have some caffeine....but I loved this:

"The Post Keynesian economist Joan Robinson once described Milton Friedman as a magician who would put a rabbit into a hat in full view of the audience, and then expect applause when he pulled it out again sometime later."

Same thing could be said about the Puppeteers who foisted Obama on the world. They put him into their magic hat in front of everyone and now expect applause as they pull the Second Worst President Eveh out of their asses, er, I mean, hats.

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"Nonsense is nonsense, whether expressed in words or equations."